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This is not okay. I am trying a whole bunch of methods tho so will let someone know if there’s any breakthrough. I unplugged the phone and all the apps were stuck and wouldn’t open, so I tried restarting the phone. Next up, choose "Standard Mode" option to resolve stuck iPhone XR reboot loop without erasing data, while the "Advanced Mode" will reset the device. Unfortunately mine came up with an error. It showed the backup from last Friday (the day I brought it to fix). I put the iPhone X aside, I don’t want to restore it. I deleted an app which was using almost 15 GB of my space and it was still stuck on 255.5 GB! I was like bruuuuh no. Phone was always on WiFi and charger. There are common official ways which are effective but causes data loss. This problem is growing day by day, I have hope Apple will think about it and help. I got ONE notification for the very first time telling me it was full and I went to delete pictures right away. Connect your iPhone … Please help if anyone has an answer! At first i couldn't use maps or Waze and finally got the message with full storage. I went to Apple and all they told was to restore and delete everything. I poked around Google for some answers and found that this is referred to as an "infinite boot loop" where the iPhone keeps trying to reboot but can't. However, please be aware that putting iPhone into recovery mode to fix your iPhone will erase all data from your device. Thanks Nikhil. Update iOS on your iPhone X. The only option to recover data from a bricked iPhone on apple logo is to apply an update on top. November 25 by Here is a video to show you how to do that. Check this video out! especially during iOS updates. Tried to backup on my computer, it got halfway and then said the iphone disconnected. That’s amazing, I thought my data and memories were safe. They charge 300 dollars and if they can't get the data they don't charge you. Hey! RIGHT!? <3 :D. I am having the exact same problem. I said i’ll try again tomorrow, and restarted my phone as it was being super slow and deleting texts. I used my old phone to recover some older pictures, and my contacts were synced to iCloud. Loosing months or years of memories on a product you paid $1000+ should not be their answer! Your iPhone XR will be out of the reboot loop and become up and running as usual. 5 Ways to Fix iPhone X/XR/XS(Max) Stuck in Reboot Loop iOS 13.2/13.1/13 Check below 5 proven ways to fix the iPhone X stuck booting up. When looking at the iCloud I can see that there is a back up... but I can’t see what it is and nor could Apple. Currently going through the same thing. I couldn’t delete pictures, of course. I would love to know if anyone else has gotten anywhere with Apple. After a lot of research and attempts I discovered the fault was on the power/volume button ribbon, If there is a hardware fail at startup it will loop, Remove the cover and disconnect the pop plugs one at a time and try to boot it each time after disconnecting . Press and immediately release Volume Down button. It had been almost full for months without major issue. Bought iPhone because love taking photos but now can't get them because of this stupid apple problem. I’m scared to try any of the options listed because I really need some pictures and other stuff off of my phone. Force Restart to Fix iPhone Stuck in Reboot/Restart Loop. Force restart on iPhone X, XS, XS MAX, or iPhone 8 is quite different from iPhone 6S, 7, and 7 plus. I thought %#*@, okay, well, I don’t have a choice, I don’t have money to buy a new phone, just restore it. Same issue as the previous poster, but with lots of different information about potential causes and solutions. We have looked into a lot of third party data recovery companies. Potential picture/video loss is a terrible feeling! No way haha. Then I couldn't open my apps so I restarted my phone and it got stuck on Apple logo. When the package finishes downloading, you will get into a window indicating "Download complete!". I tried tenorshare reiboot, dfu mode, force restart etc but nothing helped. it's the reason given to me by the youtuber.. Hi! Koral Shaffer Unfortunately I could not. Think twice prior to making your decision. I wouldn’t be able to delete any pictures and apps weren’t opening, I was afraid to restart because I thought it would get stuck again. Have tried updating iOS ontop of the current faulty one to avoid losing data, No luck yet. Click OK. How can I iPhone just mess up like that. I got into a habit of reaching for my cell. How to fix an iPhone that is stuck in a bootloop on the logo in an endless reboot cycle. All Rights Reserved, Remove or switch the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad. I think we should get together and sue Apple because their response to this is not okay. Fingers crossed. Force Restart iPhone to Fix iPhone Boot Loop. Hi! I have 1 year of pictures and videos of my 2 year old which i have not transferred or backed up. Please join and share so we can come together and make Apple listen to us. All I need is one day to back up my pictures that I dont want to loose.... then the phone can die, I dont care about the phone, I care about the photos and videos of both my kids that have been in my phone for the last 8 years or more. Thankfully I had cracked my screen recently and I brought it to them and they had saved my whole backup in their computer. Pictures used about 220GB(I have 2 TB plan for iCloud) of backup in iCloud. I’m tired of them sending me replacements and demanding my new phones back with my precious data and they throw their hands up to a solution beyond replacing my phone and likely with a refurbished one to boot (they claim it’s new, but I beg to differ). As we all know that iPhone can get stuck in boot loop for different reasons. Or is there any other way to try and restore the iPhone’s OS without losing data? 2. I have hope Apple will do the right thing and create a solution for this in the future. I just wanna know have you gotten your phone fixed? After the years of heartache over these issues I should just move on from Apple products altogether. I wasn’t thinking I should’ve checked the last back up. Now, here I am again and it went out, it have been out 3 days and still isn't working. Keeping your device up-to-date is essential for its optimal functioning. This time it wasn’t fine. I had to create it on my boyfriends fb account for now as I am currently phone less. So when I opened the phone and detached Face ID connection, it worked fine but at a loss of Face ID recognition. Basically the iPhone won't turn on stuck on Apple logo. I have called many data recovery specialists and they all pretty much say the same thing- they cant bipass error 14 to get to the data. I go through periods of time where I only use my cameras for pictures and videos. (A quick Volume Up, Volume Down, then holding the side button until the Apple logo disappears because the phone shuts down, then reappears and you let go of the side button.) Click Fix button to start fixing iPhone stuck in a boot loop. How is Apple okay with this I have years worthy of memories and pictures and travels in there so many important things. This option would be to update the phone rather than restore it which would wipe your data. Just FYI, Tenorshare reiboot fixed my wife’s phone. My XS Max was sending warning errors about being full. I want answers to why? All my photos had been restored. 1. We’re you guys able to figure out if it was a hardware or software issue? I’m having the same issue! I’m still having the issue. 1. AFAIK none of the software you mentioned would be able to recover your data since you have a bootlooping, even less they can help you getting out of bootloop. Apple should get sued for this. I did the next normal things anyone would do which was to restart the phone as I thought it was glitching and it actually restarted but it wouldn’t properly load and bam went into boot loop. Can anyone confirm that once you put your phone in dfu mode and try to update via iTunes that if it fails you are in the same place as you were before or have you done more damage and deleted data. I do think there is hope from all the research and companies willing to try (many that won’t charge unless they get your data). This always works for fixing iPhone bugs but it involves completely erasing all files on the internal memory and start over. iTunes will start factory resetting iPhone XR and recovering it from reboot loops problem. I was told there were “86 updates I was behind on.” How is that possible when I had the phone 6 months? So I’d just delete some apps to free up space and restart and it would be fine. My Face ID has some water damage due to few drops of water. If your phones memory is indeed full there is no solution at the moment to retrieve it. Please reply with any help. I still have 1month before my warranty expire, should I bring it to apple support? Thought a restart would help, and got into the boot loop situation. hi. Hi! Happened to me the other day, Old IPhone SE bootlooped. Nope a few days later it went out again and came back on 10 minutes later. One thing I noticed right before the boot loop is the System portion of storage would immediately grow if any space were freed up. I let it go completely dead (took about 1.5 days) hoping that it would refresh once charged for a few minutes. NOPE, still didn’t come on I let the battery die out again and left it alone for a few days and it came back on. Terms — Also, there are many precious photos on my iPhone, and I don't want to lose it. Your iPhone XR will be out of the reboot loop and become up and running as usual. In my case my backup was encrypted that's why it failed. Apple stores are closed due to the Coronavirus (so they should really step up and help right now - just answer every question online for so many struggling due to what is out of our hands?!). @ccastelblanco. August 19 by You let iTunes automatically handle the update and it worked? If you are worried about losing iPhone data, there is another advanced way to fix iPhone stuck in continuously boot loop with the help of iOS System Recovery software for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Most often than not, a lot of iPhone users have complained of the fact that subsequent to the iOS 11 update, a lot of new problems have taken rise. I’m thinking about making a twitter account and hoping to get apples attentions with everyone’s stories. Thank you! When the package finishes downloading, you will get into a window indicating "Download complete!". Why?! After I made a scandal in the Apple store they told me that I can try and go to the 3rd party place, maybe they’ll help, because Apple doesn’t do stuff like data recovery. There is a trial option, but I think I will have to pay to use it, which I’m willing to do, but I want to make sure it will work. The solutions also work for the devices running iOS 14. iPhone 6s and earlier: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button. Unfortunately having the same problem, memory full and now phone on reboot loop. Here is the fb group. Ally I agree with everything you've said here. YAYY! I let it go completely dead (took about 1.5 days) hoping that it would refresh once charged for a few minutes. June 24 by This is very upsetting and Apple I beg you to send a fix in your new iOS updates. Chris Hawe. Maybe the latest ITUNES version, or the fact that I actually had about 3-4GBs free in the device. Mine is bootlooping as well and I don’t want to lose my data :( Hope you can help me here. i have the same problem as yours. Hey, so all you did was use iTunes and hit 'upgrade'? Before that, I logged into iCloud on computer. Afterwards, I opened Snapchat to check it before bed and the app shut down. Most commonly I find it to be the proxy sensor. It kept saying there was an issue. The phone was 6 months old. The process finishes on its own and gets iPhone XR out of reboot loop problem without data loss. I’m thinking about making a twitter account and hoping to get apples attention with everyone’s stories. You will lose existing data during the restoration process though. If it does download it picks and chooses some of my data now and then. If dozens of us come together then Apple can’t keep just sweeping this under the rug. Thank you! My friend told me I could try sending it abroad but as I can see Apple users worldwide are suffering from this ( I am from Lithuania ). Apple needs to respond to everyone’s new phones doing this. Arbaman is right, your phone has to boot before those third party recovery programs will work. I have regrets with how I handled things and being too trusting of that device. With the utility installed on the computer, open it up, and click "More tools" option from the sidebar. If the errors of boot loop on iPhone XR persists, try taking it to local Apple center to repair serious hardware problems (like charging port damaged) and software issues. I feel as if it was me who wrote this.... the feeling of all those lost photos is sickening... i don't know what to do, November 3 by So I plugged the XR phone into my computer and restored the backup I made from my iPhone 8 previously. Apple needs to be sued over this. May 5 by Doing a force restart is one of the most practical methods of getting iPhone XR out of boot loop, in a way to solve the recurring problem. Option 4: Put in DFU Mode then restore. I dont have much info but this exact same thing happened to my Iphone 8 plus 2 nights ago. Solution 4. If you are mired in this issue, then you’ve got the right place. My phone has 250gb worth of space I still don’t believe it was full. June 2 by Made a force restart and the device got back to life, with the latest data used before the bootloop, and with the updated IOS of 14.2 instead 13.6.1! This is an Apple error and they must address it. We tried to get the pictures off and on to the computer and that wasn’t working either. So I tried the tenorshare program to get it out of recovery mode. We dedicate to providing trusted solutions for users with the freedom to simply enjoy music, photos, videos

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