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A … Rs. SELECT & BETTER GRADE. The ITTO Teak project  "Enhancing Conservation and Sustainable Management of Teak Forests and Legal and Sustainable Wood Supply Chains in the Greater Mekong Sub-region" commenced its activity since March 2019. About Lumber Sizing About the Janka Scale About Sawn Lumber. Teak Wood Price Per Square Foot. The density will vary based on the moisture content of the wood. Lower quality logs were sold at around Rs.250 per cubic foot. Analysts report that a good quantity of freshly harvested teak and hardwood logs are arriving at depots in Dang, Vyara, Raj Pipla and Valsad. To subscribe the Newsletter, enter your email below. To know more click here, Kerala's Nilambur Teak- the first forest produce to attain GI Tag, The global teak study: Analysis, Evaluation and future potential of teak resources, Myanmar might export timber products to EU, Sustainable Management and Genetic Conservation of Teak Resources: Project Formulation Workshop: 26-27 May, Bangkok: Participation (on invitation only), Clarification on the Myanmar teak export ban, GI tag for Nilambur Teak: Opportunities and Legal Paths- News report from the National Daily ‘The Hindu’, Myanmar’s teak export ban could knock the floor out from under the yacht industry—literally, The biggest teak tree in Asia has been discovered in Kerala, India, Logs straight and sound without any defects. price per any negotiable diameter class on the market. Prices of such teak wood are in Rs. Latest timber prices in India - Global Wood Markets Info 22 Nov 2015 Teak logs, Per cubic foot. All boards are 3 to 5 inches wide x 36 to 84 inches long x 1.125 or 1 and 1/8 inch thick. Therefore, it is extremely popular for building things like outdoor furniture and boats, which would be exposed to the elements. Shipping from Ocklawaha, Florida. As already mentioned we procure it at the auctions held at Government Timber Depots, the price also depends on the bidding value. Teak wood is very water resistant, durable, and resistant to pests, diseases, and rot. We are happy to bring out an online bi-monthly newsletter highlighting the implementation of the project activities and teak-based research and development information including teak supply and consumption for our esteemed readers. Today, the selling price of a board foot … We request you to … 2,800 to 3,100 Plantation Teak FAS grade lumber Rs. Example of Equivalence: 5 HOPPUS ... Current Teak prices are presented in Figure 3.03 and Figure 3.04 considering the roadside prices, in Reais and Dollar, per assortment class (diameter). You can take a look at the Burmese teak wood price and other types of teak … Imported Teak Wood, Length: 3 - 20 Feet Rs 1,500/Cubic Feet Get Quote 5 To 7 Metre Natural Kerala Forest Teak Wood 1945 Plantation, Grade: Iii, Thickness: Dia 75 To 99 Centimetre Board Foot Price. This teak wood is kiln dried and 100% heartwood. Latest Prices of Teak logs of major quality classes auctioned at the Timber Depots of Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department, Government of Kerala Date of Auction:March 6 & 25, 2013 Timber Depot:Nedumgayam . Price, Rs 1,200/cubic Feet, Rs 1,750/cubic Feet, Rs 850/foot, Ask Price. This unit is very commonly used in wood industry for pricing wooden planks/ lumbers. Use this calculator to find out many board feet a piece of lumber is based on its thickness, width, and length. Prices for Myanmar teak are shown below per cu feet: Teak Export Grade F.E.Q. Get contact details and address | ID: 12933993091 Read about company. 16, Timber Market, Sector 26, Sector 28, Chandigarh - 160026, Dist. Good quality non-teak hardwood logs of Haldu (Adina cordifolia), Laurel (Terminalia tomentosa), kalam (Mitragyna parviflora) and Pterocarpus marsupium, 3 to 4 m in length having girths 91cms and up were sold at prices in the range of Rs.600~850 per cu.ft while medium quality logs were priced at 400 ~550 per … We request you to contact us for accurate pricing. One board foot is calculated by multiplying the LENGTH X THICKNESS X WIDTH and then dividing by 144. 2,000 to 2,600 Price variations are … 4,500 to 10,500 Teak A grade sawn timber Rs. Teak is a tropical hardwood tree species. Click on the species name to see a picture and information. $6.88. Cft or Cubic feet or ft 3 is a unit of measurement of volume in imperial unit. Teak Lumber Prices, teak inventory, weight and board foot calculations, and rough shipping estimates are available on this page. Meanwhile, once the log reaches a diameter of 65 centimeters, each cubic meter of low-quality teak can procure up to US$900, while high-quality teak is valued at approximately US$1.500 per cubic meter. WEBINAR Series 2 by Sinan Hagenah on the topic "Population genetic considerations for selection of plant reproductive material of teak (Tectona grandis)". Along with the teak material itself, homeowners should be prepared to either install decking on their own or pay professionals to tackle the job. Because of these great qualities, teak wood is also very expensive. ALL PRICES PER BOARD FOOT. How much is 1 cft or ft 3? Acacia ₹1,500. In this table, the density of different species of wood is expressed as weight in pounds per cubic foot and kilograms per cubic meter. In simplest term, it is the volume of a box - 1 ft long, 1 ft wide, and 1 ft high or thick. As per Scarlet Splendour, a renowned furniture store- Each full-grown tree yields around 10 to 12 cubic feet of teak wood, which sells for approximately 1.5 lakh rupees depending on its quality. However, Burma teak remains to be a much softer timber in comparison to it’s Indian counterpart. The price is per board foot. For membership details please visit here. 1344 divided by 1728 is 0.77 cubic feet – or to put it another way just over three quarters of a cubic foot. The premium is simply a reflection of the significance that other types of wood possess, compared to teak. Price Range 3000 to 4500 Per Cubic Feet Bhagmal Bipanchand Sood Sector 28, Chandigarh Shop No. google-site-verification: googleba23b5236a0fa1f2.html Timber Price List: Items: Unit (Cubic Feet) Prices (Rs) Burma Teak Wood: 1 Cft: 10,500.00 : Sudan Teak Wood: 1 Cft: 5,800.00 : African Teak Wood (1st Grade) 1 Cft 99. Teak Lumber eBay. WEBINAR Series 1 by Dr. CTS Nair on the topic "The Future of Production and Trade of Teak: Emerging Scenarios in a Changing World". Teak Rough Sawn Wood Board Lumber, 4 inches Wide x 4 feet Length x 1 inches Thick - Choose Your Size - $89.99 $ 89. Finally add VAT (multiply by 1.2) which in this case gives a final price of £23.10. Get contact details and address| ID: 12562475755 Medium quality logs of the same size were sold at between Rs500-600 per cubic foot. Per Cubic Feet. Welcome to our Exotic Hardwood page. B-Class Teak: $13 per board foot; Most Expensive C-Class Teak: $41 per board foot; Average Installation Costs of Teak Decking. 3500/- per cubic-foot. To place an order, call 1.888.814.0007, or if you prefer, stop by our retail location to choose your own material. In India, teak is bought in cubic foot and is priced at about Rs. It is worth noting an aspect related to the sales modality. Burma Teak wood is cheaper than Indian Teak Wood . For example, a 1” thick board that is 12” wide and 3’ long is 3 board feet. We are updating our TEAKNET Directory of Traders, Planters, Government Officials and Researchers in order to effectively link all the stakeholders across the globe and share information and events related to teak. Copyright@teaknet 2007-2014. International Teak Information Network, KFRI, Historical database on prices of teak logs is accessible to, IUFRO World Congress 2019 in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, 29 Sep -5 Oct 2019; TEAKNET is co-organising a Partner Event in this Event. Chandigarh, Chandigarh As the timber is further processed by a company, the fewer middle men are involved and the greater the overall return on investment will be. Read about company. TEAKNET brings out a quarterly electronic newsletter for our readers. Prices and Costs ... cubic meter. To be fair, that doesn’t mean that the prices of teak lumber have increased at that rate. Here you will find the Exotic hardwoods that we currently have to offer. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us! Asian Wood Industry - Offering Square Yellow Teak Wood, Grade: 1st & 2rd Grade at Rs 2200/unit in Kolkata, West Bengal. The density or hardness of wood varies by species, and the value is necessary to approximate the weight of lumber by volume. Teak Lumber Prices per Board Foot as of Nov 30, 2020: Description 50-99 B.F. 100-249 B.F. 250-499 B.F. 500-999 B.F. 4/4 Teak Lumber, FEQ 31.75: 28.25: 27.25 For instance, the average FOB price per cubic meter for medium quality teak logs with a diameter of 20 centimeters is US$200. The cubic foot measure can be defined as a cube of wood that has length, breadth and height of 1 foot. 3,400 to 4,000 Teak B grade sawn timber Rs. African Padauk. One board foot equals the volume contained in a board that measures 1” thick by 12” wide by 12” long or equivalent to a total of 144 cubic inches. Read more on Acacia. prices in the range of Rs.700-900 per cubic foot. So 1 ft * 1 ft * 1 ft = 1 ft 3. ... Pricing normally starts at ₹4800 and goes upto ₹6500 per cubic feet. 2.3. Most of our lumber is priced by the board foot (to calculate board footage, convert a board’s dimensions to inches, multiply the length x width x thickness, now divide that number by 144). Pricing normally starts at ₹4500 and goes upto ₹6000 per cubic feet. In the business of Wood Rate will be for one CFT ( One Cubic Foot ). All measurements are in inches. Current C & F prices for imported plantation teak, Indian ports per cubic metre are shown below. For the longest time, the teak wood price has remained steady at between $150 and $200 per square foot. Prices for air dry sawnwood per cubic Foot, ex-sawmill are shown below. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Turning cubic feet into ££££ If this board is say Sycamore then multiply the price above (£25) by 0.77 and you have the price for the board: £19.25. 2.25″ x 2.5″ x 12″ Old Growth Long Leaf Pine. per cubic feet. We are direct importers of exotic hardwoods from around the world. One board foot of teak weighs 3.5 pounds. 4/4 Shipped from NY: $ 38.20 Shipped from FL: $ 39.30 The price difference is … 18 inch long TEAK WOOD Tongue & Groove-100% heartwood,10 pieces, 3.4 square feet. 2019 The highest quality any size Teak sawn timber Teak/ lumber wood price for door design US $68.00 - $178.00 / Cubic Meter 4/4 Shipped from NY: $ 7.60 ... Teak, Burmese. Exotic Wood Premium Marine Teak Lumber 2" X 14" X 1 4". We can get exactly what you need!  We can mill any of the species you see below into custom flooring or moldings! Kantilal & Sons - Offering Burma Teak, Burma Teak Wood, बर्मा टीक at Rs 5800/cubic feet in Mumbai, Maharashtra. $34.99 shipping. Indian Laurel (Matti) ₹2,400. In USA, you can expect $25-$28 per board-foot. The price varies on the quality and demand for the timber. *Exchange rate- 1US$=54.24776; Prices exclude tax, Historical database on prices of teak logs is accessible to members of TEAKNET. The average sale price of mature teak in 2009 is about $500 US dollars per cubic meter for raw logs; rough cut lumber will wholesale at around $1,200 to $1,800 per cubic meter.

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