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Please note: NZ On Air understands there will be logistical and financial pressures experienced by funded Platforms as a result of Covid-19. Your completed contract will be based on this template. This document will be reviewed and updated regularly, so please do refer to it when preparing your application budgets. The funding agreements usually include a clause that states that if a programme generates revenue (for example, from the sale of the rights to the programme overseas), then NZ On Air will receive a percentage of that net revenue 1 calculated on a pro … See below for further information on what to include in your reports to NZ On Air. It is expected that this new collaboration between the two organisations will invest in at least five quality documentary projects to screen in cinemas, on television and online. Find funding. ZIP 16.2 MB, MPEG2 16x9 8Mbit per sec Funding will be by way of a grant, enabling filmmakers to move projects to a stage where they are eligible to seek production, post-production or finishing funding. PDF 564.9 KB. NZ - Yonoko Prod & Zsofi Pictures. About the NES; Exceptional circumstances and applying; Developing the NES. Production Funding Contract Initiation Form 2020 ZIP 20.0 MB, 1080 part 1 Default Drawdowns Schedule Producers and Cost Reporting 2017 All invoices and reports should be addressed to Lisa at and must be received by 5pm Monday in order to be paid by the Thursday of the same working week. If no income has been received we still require producers to file a 'nil' return. Your completed contract will be based on this template. Connect to CRM . Is there a cap on the amount I can apply for?While budgets will vary depending on the scope of each project no single project is likely to receive funding in excess of $750,000 and most are expected to be less than $500,000. At the same time, the Government’s May 2000 cultural funding package boosted NZ On Air’s baseline funding by $6.2 million (excluding GST). ZIP 21.8 MB, 1080 part 4 However there are some line items we will not accept within any funded budget. A new telefeature and three new projects for young audiences – latest NZ On Air funding. Why air quality matters; State of our air. Digital Signatures Policy After five years has elapsed we ask producers to report sales income only when it has been received. Contracting will take not more than 2 working weeks from receipt of all necessary information. With limited funding ability, scarce funding must be utilised in the most efficient way to enable region wide growth. Jason Eberly . It may screen in a different format for television (eg a two-parter or an edited duration). Climate Change . Who can apply?New Zealand documentary-makers with an important documentary credit (either television or theatrical). From time to time we carry out audits of production companies to ensure taxpayer funds are being spent correctly. ZIP 11.3 MB, MPEG2 4x3 8Mbit per sec Funding compliance audit 2017 It will focus on funding one-off documentaries from experienced New Zealand documentary filmmakers. If you have had production funding approved, please complete the Production Funding Contract Initiation Form below and send it, along with attachments listed on the last page, to Resources. PDF 36.7 KB. The plan may rely on a distributor, self-distribution or the New Zealand International Film Festival. These are the standard drawdown schedules which NZ On Air will intend to apply to your project in the contract. NZ On Air logo files For all musicians: Information on … © NZ On Air 2020 • Copyright and terms of use • Privacy statement, Production Funding Contract Initiation Form 2020, Standard Funding Agreement - Scripted and Factual, Development Contract Initiation Form 2018, Requirements for acknowledging NZ On Air funding May 2018 update.pdf. NZ On Air along with the Film Commission, SPADA and industry guilds and organisations has funded the development of the website Screensafe as an industry resource for Health and Safety information. ZIP 1.6 MB, Joint Innovation Fund Video Branding Te Whai Ao is a dedicated documentary development fund focused on supporting emerging filmmakers with truly cinematic projects and distinctive voices. NZ On Air and the New Zealand Film Commission are announcing a new documentary fund for feature-length documentaries. BLOOD OF JERUSALEM (2018) Dir. ZIP 25.0 MB, NZOA TV PAL 16x9 anapomorphic We also have the right to carry out health and safety audits. Organization. You can read about what's required in the document below. Yonoko | Pro. … TE MAKUTU, THE CURSE (2017) Dir. ZIP 22.6 MB. Projects requiring higher budgets are strongly encouraged to seek additional investment from other sources. We fund the recording and promotion of single songs, multi-song projects and video content to help connect great NZ songs with NZ audiences. For successful music applicants : Templates and guidelines you’ll need to fulfill your obligations to NZ On Air and receive your funding. Joint Innovation Fund Accreditation Requirements, Joint Innovation Fund Audio Stings NZ spends green aid money on Asian dairy farms, not helping vulnerable Pacific As Pacific leaders meet to plead for help, New Zealand is criticised for failing to meet even its own commitments to financing climate change mitigation in the worst-hit developing countries – while greenwashing agricultural development funding as climate adaptation finance NZ On Air does not generally engage in bespoke contract negotiation. NEW ZEALAND FILM COMMISSION FUNDED SHORT FILM ‘FIRSTS’ DIR: JESSE UNG. This fund has now closed to applications. The development of draft feature film scripts or treatments. Pasifika and Asian filmmakers have an exciting new opportunity to develop stories that reflect their diverse communities and voices on screen, with a new funding initiative announced today by the New Zealand Film Commission, NZ On Air and TVNZ at the Big Screen Symposium in Auckland. The Early Development Fund supports the development of treatments, or early drafts of scripts, that have the potential to make great New Zealand feature films. ZIP 42.5 MB, NZOA Ident TGA NZ On Air (NZOA; Māori: Irirangi te Motu), formally the Broadcasting Commission, is an autonomous Crown entity and commission of the New Zealand Government responsible for funding support for broadcasting and creative works. The broadcaster will need to commit to screening the documentary in prime-time around six months from the documentary's theatrical premiere date, and contribute a licence fee towards the cost of production. Ministry of … Can I get funding from other sources too?Absolutely. When funding is over $200,000, or if the project is co-funded by another government agency (NZFC, TMP), it is an equity investment. PDF 146.4 KB. ZIP 6.5 MB, NZOA Ident Quicktime The following document sets out the criteria for acknowledging funding provided through the one-off Innovation Fund jointly administered by NZ On Air and RNZ. Save. ZIP 20.4 MB, 720 part 1 DOCX 159.6 KB. The first funding round results have just been released by NZ On Air, with 27 music producers being selected from 76 hopefuls, for the New Music Development initiative. Search. NZ ON AIR FUNDED MUSIC VIDEO TRILOGY FOR MUSICIAN LEVI PATEL. LATEST FILMS. Their digital media fund offers support for innovative, interactive content and applications, including web and mobile applications, software, games, transmedia and multi-platform projects. New Zealand On Air NZ On Air's job is to promote and foster the development of New Zealand’s culture on the airwaves by funding locally-made television programmes, public radio networks and access radio, and to promote New Zealand music by funding music videos and radio shows. Nz On Air. NZ On Air is a public media investment company. Advanced. 5. DOCX 159.7 KB. Please read our Responding To Covid-19 page for NZ On Air’s response and further information. We are seeking proposals of up to $600k per application for high-quality Factual productions, with free-to-air outcomes as … PLEASE NOTE: These logo files are for Scripted and Factual Content only, if you are looking for Music Video logo files please visit out Resources For Musicians page. Standard Development Agreement 2017 The … ISRAEL - Zsofi Pictures. "This is a fantastic opportunity for talented New Zealand documentary makers to develop and make top quality documentaries likely to catch the eye of international film festival programmers" says NZFC Chief Executive Graeme Mason. ZIP 12.6 MB, MPEG2 16x9 15Mbit per sec NZ On Air does not generally engage in bespoke contract negotiation. How do I show I have distribution in at least three New Zealand cities?With a credible distribution plan. This creativity and development trust helps fund specific local projects within the Manawatū and Rangitīkei region. Producers must be aware of their requirements under the new Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). Jonathan Zsofi | Pro. ZIP 11.6 MB, NZOA TGA TV Audio You only need to do this once and then you will be able to access all your funding applications from your funding dashboard as well as update your business information at any time.

Income And Expense Worksheet Pdf, Eurail Global Pass For Seniors, God Gives Us What We Need To Do His Work, Nature Conservancy Projects, Prevailing Wage Jobs California, The Entertainer Fancy Dress, Golden Gate University Testing Center, Fhf Resistance Band Set, Pass Or Smash Meaning, Schwinn Ac Performance Plus, How To Make A Pictogram, 2,000 Meter Row Times Female, 2013 Honda Accord For Sale In Nj,

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