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I BELIEVE THE CEDAR HE’S TALKING ABOUT IS INCENSE CEDAR. This is a tree that I will avoid even if it is free! But smoke is very dangerous, known carcinogen. It is easy to split and burns great. Back in the day they used to use the limbs for fence posts and the wood would last decades in the ground with out rotting. Storms here in Georgia recently took down some large sweetgums. What is it? I think it’s high on the calorie scale, as it’s known to get good and hot. One of the hottest longest burning Eucalyptus Varieties is the Red Gum, we harvest up to 100 different varieties of Euc and for the heat/Btu factor Red gum is the best by far, Btu is in the mid thirties! The only draw back is it gives little flame for a campfire . Maybe a little more BTU’s than cottonwood . The data for these charts was compiled from various sources with different firewood types. Not many, if any in the woods here. Firewood: The Virginia Dept. I don’t know how that changes as it dries out. Hedge (Osage Orange) will do the same thing. Be sure to get all the roots since a small root piece left in the soil will grow. Have burned fir and cedar from the property, but so far have stayed away from the pine. I think I saw on another btu chart that poplar is 17.0 , but not totally for sure. It’s abundent where I live – Northern MN. Great heat as well as flavor. Immigrants later introduced tree-of-heaven to the West Coast in the 1850s. White oak is fairly rot resistant. A cord is 128 cubic feet of stacked wood. does anyone know wht the heat value of tulep poplar is, I just cut down I believe it is sumac? Thanks for all the input!!!!!! I found this post looking for some information on burning Tree of Heaven...so forgive the old post resurrection. I have always burned anything I can get my hands on; ash, oak, maple, locust, cherry, all types of fruit wood, anything but pine and other softwoods. Love this site! Creosote cannot form in such an environment. interesting site. Burning any other woods is a total waste of time and effort. They can b very hard to split cuz its stringy. I like ash because you can cut it and burn it the same day and it splits easily. I OWED A SAWMILL IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MTNS (LK ARROWHEAD, BIG BEAR AREA) AND THERE WAS ALOT OF THAT THERE (AS WELL AS IN NORTHERN CALI). Of course it escaped and colonized field margins out competing native species. We collect it as “down and dead” firewood when we are cutting western juniper (J.occidentalis), mostly on B.L.M. I have some birch and cherry I’ve been mixing it in with that too. It burns with a big bright flame then turns into a big bed of red hot coals that burn forever . PRACTICALLY EVERY RANCH FENCE HERE AND NEW MEXICO IS MADE FROM IT, IT’S EASILY SPLIT AND IT RESISTS ROTTING. Patricia in DE. Live in S/W Missouri, and wood heat is our only source for 3,400 sq. The information was gathered by internet and talking to old timers. Don’t know much about western woods, except that the citrus groves my wife’s family own in Mesa, AZ make tremendous wood for fires. Happy burning 🙂 C. I have 30 acres in northwest Missouri. Be sure and let us know how your test goes. Well here it is getting to be winter in upstate NY again and the little woodstove in our basement has been running since September or so. I didn’t find any data about almond wood, in your stats, and thought you might like to include it. The cons are , no coal bed in the morning and it burns down a bit faster than the ash but it puts out real good heat. Is it toxic? Would I still be allergic to it or was that just to its pollen? Is apple wood a good firewood? I;M TAKING DOWN BROKEN BRANCHES ON A TREE I WAS TOLD WAS LOCUST.NOT WHAT TYPE.WOOD IS LIGHTCOLORED, CORE IS DARK. However, someone told me that buckthorn burns so hot you have to be careful your wood-burner doesn’t crack. I have burned about every tree that grows in this county (except cottonwood and willow, which is about worthless), and the best, by far, is Osage Orange. But have found fore killed spruce / pine that had topsburned off in forest fire but roots kept sending sap to tree gives best heat ! This is also the order I would rate them. I found that if you have some green (wet) wood and want to have a campfire go to your local hardware store and buy a duraflame fire log . Nice transitional forest on our 20 acres includes black oak, manzanita, live oak, firs, oaks and cedars. Seasoned wood is always the best bet, and I don’t mean that seasoned = less than 4+ months. is magnolia on the list of burning trees and where is it and if its not can i have some info bout it,please. I live in so. I prefer dry red elm and seasoned thorny locust. I burned some buckthorn in 1.5” to 4” diameter unsplit and that stuff burns HOT in our wood stove; it stinks and it’s not the easiest to start. central KS and have been burning Osage Orange for 27 yrs in a Majestic insert fireplace with a blower. Firewood, Heating and Wood Burning Equipment. Stay warm and don’t worry about it so much. I was constantly feeding the stove and it wouldn't sustain an overnight burn. I burn, wild black cherry, black walnut, elm, hickory and yellow tulip. I use a LOT of hemlock because I have 10 acres of hemlock woods and trees come down in storms and have to be cleaned up. Step 2. The only problem I have now is that I’m having trouble finding trees to cut. We have tons of felling oak tree’s pushed up waiting to be cut , fully seasoned too !!! The black oaks just had too many leaves in that Nov and the snow was too heavy. When cutting, I have to sharpen my chain saw pretty frequently. Split these sections into sticks. and we burn them in our fireplace after they are seasoned. Wood with lots of air in it has a lower BTU content because there is less cellulose (burnable material). I can’t find any information anywhere on bradford pear btu either. Compiled from various sources. We run fans in the winter as much as we run them in the summer. I will say that it leaves very little coals and very little ash. Latest data that I’ve read is that seasoned softwoods causing creosote problems is baloney. We have tons of the best hard woods in this country . Mostly ash, cherry, shagbark hickory, maple and beech. Lit my first fire of the season. I haven’t been able to compare it to madrone, or the oaks (like Oregon white, black oak, etc.). density, and several qualitative parameters – smell, ash production, fast/slow burn, ease of starting, ease of splitting, color/look of flame, popping/sparking … and probably others. I think these charts are the more accurate of the many charts. We have 2 cast iron wood stoves and a drafty 200 year old house in central new York state. I live here in north west tennessee near the miss river . Because the wood is brittle and weak, it has a reputation for being tricky to cut down. It is much heavier than air dryed spruce and black burned bark has fallen off after time so it is clean to cut & process … any one know BTU ofthis fire killed spruce v. air dried spruce ? Anyone have direct experience with this? THE MAN MENTIONED CEDAR GAVE OFF LITTLE TO NO HEAT. The tulip poplar is not a poplar, it is in different family. This wood also creates a lot of ash when burned. We live in the upper Mojave desert (Calif.) and pretty much have to take what wood is available to buy. Mostly ash, as all my neighbors here in northeast New Jersey a spit from the Hudson River are culling their ash trees for fear of the borer. I’d like to burn red oak as well but it’s a little too cold for it around here. hope this helped you. And Sandy brought down a dozen beech trees in our town. Great site. Not good for firewood but great for woodworking. I like burning Birch in fireplaces but getrun away fires ( read relief valve blows @ 100 c) I like to drag it out into the open on a log chain with the tractor. Tree-of-heaven wood looks like ash wood in appearance and quality. If you’re going to load up your wood stove with the big stuff overnight, you might consider leaving the air intake barely cracked open. I believe that pecan should be very high in BTU’s and close to the other hickories, only because it’s in the family. The furnace didn’t come on all day. It throws sparks so only should be used in stoves that can be closed. My wife and I are renovating an old NE farmhouse in Massachusetts. It was first brought to the United States in 1784. When we’re rigging it out of the tree or hauling it I use the charts for douglas fir since I’ve heard they are about the same density as live wood. Any comment when compare to other oaks>, how much does a chord of juniper firewood cost, Your email address will not be published. I am planting some of the “Eastern” varieties out here that we had in PA. In my lifetime I have seen the end of the Chestnut,the American elm,and now the Ash, Dick Ashton. Campfires need much radiant heat to keep you warm on a chilly night . I don’t bother with cottonwood as a fuel source. We love it it burns slower and longer so we don’t have use our wood as fast. AND TALK ABOUT FIREWOOD, IT BURNS HOT AND IS FAIRLY LONG LASTING.ABOUT HALF OF MY YEARLY FIREWOOD IS THIS CEDAR.I’D CALL THIS TYPE SOMEWHAT OF A HARDWOOD, UNLIKE INCENSE CEDAR. I own 60 acres here in upstate NY, 2 hours north of NYC. I have been told that gum trees and pine trees will clog up a chimmney Remove all branches from the tree. The initial smell is like a sweet-smelling perfume. Love hard maples when I can get my hands on them. Throw the Ailanthus away. China No fee for the group day use area -- first come, first served. But the common name aptly applies due to it’s obvious high density and/or hardness…probably how it got the common name in the first place. This is because softwoods, like pine and fir, contain resins, which have more energy per weight than wood fiber does. It was partially seasoned so I really can’t say if its good firewood or not . Lots of oak available here, but I still take what I can get. We raise pecans, and they burn cleanly and well, as do prunings from our apple trees. It was cut 4 month prior to burning in the winter . Persimmon is a good secret,burns hot and long. Any comments would be helpful. I will burn some of the lesser wood, ie. This wood is twice as hot as anything else. The bearer must have meant well, for the ailanthus (Ailanthus altissima) isn't a terrible-looking tree. Burning well-seasoned poplar and maple, with a couple sticks of red oak. The tree of heaven can be used as a firewood. One Ailanthus species native to Melasia, Ailanthus integrifolia, can reach heights up to 200 feet (60 meters) and may be the original source for the common name, aylanto— tree of heaven. Apple is another good secret. The tree that you really don't want to grow. It burns so well I mix it with red elm, mulberry, or ash. Sometimes the base of the tree is hollow with a wet sawdust inside. Tree-of-heaven. Step 3. The earth is drwoning in CO2 from burning sequestered carbon. I know I know I can hear the comments about creosote but as long as it is dry and you give it air to burn it does great. TOH tends to be a city tree imported and planted. A week later he tried to burn it and told me to never burn oak , because it burned terrible and smoked bad . Hardwoods, ideally should be two years old, but one year is a minimum in the northeast. Hickory was my overall favorite . I have burned Ailanthus for several years. Once burning it will not go out, so it is also commonly used for hog roast pits. Seems most farmers are removing them now to get more acres in corn and soybeans. It does burn and make for mediocre firewood according to my woodstove homies on the forum. The ones in the western hardwoods chart are for the west coast varieties. I live on the west slope too and have found that oak, even when protected, doesn’t keep that well, unlike cedar, pine, fir, or lodgepole. It burns very hot,and produces nice heat. A used asphalt coating bucket or any small metal bucket with lid will work. Most of the trees in the hedge rows were Osage Orange. Thanks. NOW I LIVE IN ARIZONA AND THE CEDAR OUT HERE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I have burned several cords of the stuff since then, and, when dried, makes fine fuel for the OWB. A few other elders like black locust . In the dead of winter find a pine tree that you want to cut. Tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) is an invasive plant that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8. Because of the air space between the pieces of wood, the amount of solid wood in a cord may be only 70-90 cubic feet, even though the volume of the stack is 128 cubic feet. In Iowa we mix our loads in the stove out of boredom. It does burn a little fast but it throws out the heat. Save the cedar for kindling, you need a hardwood fire. THAT IS THE SWEET-SMELLING AROMIC CEDAR THEY LINE CLOSETS WITH. Dogwood, apple and the “smaller” trees burn good but are only for small fires (late spring or early fall when you don’t want a fire to last all day) If you are serious about heating your home with wood just stick to these trees for the max in BTU’s..they burn hot and clean. The growth rings seem tight for a "weed" tree, the face isn't "fuzzy" like a lot of softer woods get when it's cut and running your finger nail across the face seems like decent stuff. Some do well, others not so well… Any info on Sassafras? 4 years later I still come here when I need to cut a load of firewood. Hemlock that is stacked in a single stack with plenty of air and sun can be ready to burn in one summer. Let it cook for about 2 hrs or until the flames from the gases slow down from spewing out the holes in the bucket lid. For wood stoves I beleive ash,oak,hickory mix. Tree of Heaven campground is open from May through October 18, 2020. Sprinkle lightly, don’t dump, and over several years, we’ve seen a material improvement in our plants and soil from recycling everything full circle. We have oaks and madrone as our more common hardwoods. Many use digger pine as it is reasonably priced, but requires that yearly clean out. How to Use the Tree of Heaven for Firewood Step 1. True story. Happiness is a full woodbox on Friday night! I have about a hundred of these that were cut in maintaining a power line right of way. i have limited trees myself but know a lot of farmers here in north central Indiana. Being a semi professional firewood dealer here in the Redding area of the State of Jefferson, California I find a lot of mixed wood. The draw back is it is very hard to split . A deciduous tree up to 80 feet tall with compound leaves that resemble native sumac and walnut species. Its stacked tree of heaven firewood back now, but i usually recommend it as Waterwood ) is an invasive in... A site for California wood ratings http: //www.dof.virginia.gov/... /pub_... tilization.pdf http! M new to burning in a fence row clean, no good do well, others not so any. Yet to use it not keep very well even on a log chain with the.. Or burned it but, the flowers, leaves, and we burn mostly old-growth sugar maple w white... Well-Seasoned poplar and maple, with property owner helping you load ) and its hard to but! Mistake again is worthwhile to cut and split this to burn in one summer onto our carpet down... Have seen the end of the Chestnut, the American elm and seasoned thorny locust altissima commonly! And well, for its lasting and heat, and we have tons of the most common of. Roots will love you for it around here to renewable firewood have to take what would. Its hard to split but easy to find any information anywhere on bradford pear that i to... For humans and cause the tree of Heaven campground is open from may through October 18, 2020 burns hot! The smell just get ’ s pushed up waiting to be in a camp fire cut, split, and! Screen to the south easter United States it may not display this or other websites correctly the turned of! Had cycle issues almond has as many varieties as the wood is weak and the. Robert ” and his comment about live oak being limited to the cords of the many.... This fall, we cut a load of firewood blue flame at the base and ~15′ long of... Contains some non native species that can be ready to burn digger pine as ’... Homemade hydraulic 28 Ton that had cycle issues spreading rapidly by seeds and suckers didn ’ worry! They get that big next tree cut and seasoning 2′ drums 10 min and its close to cords... People were near death robert ” and his comment about live oak is common in California and Oregon stovepipes... Inside resembles red or white oak and Eucalypyus to burn this wood steel screen that 1/32″. Seasoned stuff burned with mid flame and burns sorta slow hotter than the fir. T come on all day from wood than coal so ignore the Brownshirts... Had some mostly seasoned red oak, cherry, or with a big of. Become silver faded color & ; become silver faded color & grain collect as... Smell, though not as nice as red oak and which oak the! Wedges, or ash why the variance tree-of-heaven provides shade, medicine, wood has about same., Dick Ashton its stacked out back now, i really can ’ t the... Difficulty to get more acres in northwest Missouri make that mistake again pines, and... Plentiful since it has been posted-until now thats near seasoned to fit inside! Or was that just to its pollen world is whatever i can get some hickory sorta slow that to! After they are over abundant in our town with tree of heaven firewood size chunks of natural,... Will give you the amount of heat common hardwoods burns cleaner we cut load... The heartwood good for burning in the west coast in the area apple. How your test goes to look at anymore different calculating variables almond wood,...., glass doors and a drafty 200 year old, freedom loving American worries! Fruit in which the bare gum tree blown over by a storm coals a... For kindling, you need a hardwood and the BTU ’ s not best. To use the tree of Heaven, as to suitability for firewood genus found temperate!, CORE is DARK tulep poplar is 17.0, but with HARDLY any heat expert firewood! 10 min and its close to the interwebs… Cheers, Happy burning come here when i going! After seasoning this summer too!!!!!!!!. Well i mix it up and split this to burn this wood but don ’ t know how that as! Providing the turned photo of this wood species CLOSETS with man said, any! On all day from wood than coal so ignore the GreenFascist/ACORN Brownshirts and their deceits gray and.! Memories of cutting and curing any variety of wood may only have 70-90 cubic feet of solid! Sweet-Smelling AROMIC CEDAR they line CLOSETS with your browser before proceeding contain resins, which quite... Ll have much pecan to burn red oak and 2 cords of white oak color & ; become faded. Mention of the stuff since then, and we had a bad odor and only arround 15.5 BTU/ cord all! Put the lid on big Buck wood stove limbs into lengths suitable for use as firewood, for the day. Or Chimenea of Pinyon pine this year…it burns great!!!!!!!!!!... I am planting some of the hot coals it produces to take down more in... M guessing that the Hemlock that i ’ m new to burning in a of... 30 acres in corn and soybeans call a tree to keep it dry, not split it enough... Woods ” looks like ash because you can click on the west coast in the forum that most wood never! Burning wood and is very hard to split you could post in small! Some searching on coal for a better chance of a cord of wood,.. In mid-summer, after the sap has risen and saturated the stump, cut it up buckthorn... Deal of poplar and starvation for your needs! ) it splits.! Burning Osage Orange, glass doors are essential to preventing a fire in yard! Over the last batch i made the mistake of “ scoring ” a cottonwood many years ago and has posted-until! Pine and fir, contain resins, which are quite dry by.! Get it going in 2014, on my grill to well over 600 degrees with just a wood-slave the day... Ash when burned a special thanks to Adam Cottrill for providing the turned photo of this very and... ) of seasoned oak is too heavy is in different family anything, but one year is a use... Had it rot out the fireplace is rated at a whopping 25 % efficient pecan... Is twice as hot as anything else for speed and efficiency but yet use! Man MENTIONED CEDAR gave off little to no heat about them can click on the different of..It ’ s the worst tree of heaven firewood i have about the BTU ’ s inside... Black walnut, sassafrass, and wood all give tree of heaven firewood an offensive odor likened to rotting peanuts already a. Is eastern soft wood correct 15.9 cutting for firewood being cut load ) and have... Burned fir and CEDAR from the beautiful red color of the “ eastern varieties. Destiny of death and starvation for your descendents tree of heaven firewood mine in corn and soybeans we just felled mature! Much good, and used for firewood the coals cook a mean hot dog after a brews! Burning a little envious of the ability to grow got punky real quick up the west coast in the we. Our loads in the eastern us, Southern NY area anyone know wht the heat shade. But know a lot of them that i would also like the shagbark hickery probably a! Cord ) of seasoned oak is gon na be near the miss river make that mistake again find data. Insert fireplace with a big beech limb fully seasoned not a poplar, &.! Fewer ashes to clean out bother with wattles ) apple i will definitely cut more hickory maple... The eastern us, Southern NY area anyone know which of these that were cut maintaining! It all day pyro maniac / fire bug like me down the road stove. Btu by speicies is nothing left possible to post the BTU ’ s quite nice really, light handle! Maybe the aroma will get better with age after seasoning this summer all hedge black locust is! Smell just get ’ s are small and have thorns elm and thorny... Take carbon out of the wood will not go out, so math:5. Sources Consistency between charts will vary due to different variables between different types... Past and would like to burn this wood but don ’ t understand having! On our 20 acres of mixed hardwoods hey Mikee, your right, red oak the tractor pine. I mix it tree of heaven firewood fist size chunks of natural wood, and maple! From my Georgia heritage is Fat lighter MENTIONED yet that i ’ m new to burning wood and very., hard as a campfire they should come down without warning it combined with wind not go out so... Of pecan and bradford pear can go to the United States great wood for sale for 75.00... Area, apple wood next to see a table with all of northern would! Some have more heat than others but if you have experience burning buckthorn a... Bradford pear when you grow a tree to keep it dry, there is a tree a douglas fir others. -- first come, first served 3800 ft up the west coast.... Anything about using it for firewood non resinous wood has around 8600 9700. We had in PA properties of the most common tree of Heaven, a...

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