Although some skeptics admit the atheist’s proposition that the universe came into existence “by chance” is dissatisfying, others insist that given enough time, anything can happen including the universe coming into existence.


Issue: Is there a Chance the Universe Came into Existence By Chance? [Skip here to go to the Bottom Line Response]

Christian philosophers and apologists raise several rebuttal points in response to the claim that the amazingly finely-tuned universe we live in came into existence “by chance:

Point No. 1 — Chance has no Beingness:  Chance” cannot explain the existence of the universe because chance is merely a mental concept which describes mathematical probabilities.  Even a rock has “beingness” – it is something; but chance has no beingness; it is no thing.  Therefore, when a skeptic says the universe was created “by chance”, they are really saying it was created by nothing. [See, R.C.Sproul, “Defending Your Faith” (2001) at www.ligonierministries.org]

Point No. 2 — Chance Has No Causal Power:  Because “chance” is only a mental concept which describes mathematical probabilities, it has no causal power. When a coin is flipped in the air, “chance” does not cause the coin to come up heads or tails, it only describes the 50/50 probability of the coin coming up heads or tails. Anything done to influence the coin to come up either heads or tails (e.g., weighting one side of the coin) would necessarily involve intended design. [See, R.C.Sproul, “Defending Your Faith” (2001) at www.ligonierministries.org]

Point No. 3 — If Nothing Existed Before the Universe, there would be No Mathematical Probabilities to Ascribe to Chance:   Many atheists propose the universe came from nothing and by nothing. But, if there really was “nothing” (i.e., no time, no space, no matter, no energy) before the universe came into existence, then there would be nothing on which to base any calculations to ascribe to chance.

Bottom Line: There is no chance the universe came into existence “by chance.” Chance is merely a mental concept used to describe mathematical probabilities that something will occur.  As a mental concept, chance it not a thing; it has no beingness. Even a piece of chalk has beingness; it is something.  But chance has no beingness (it is no thing).  Therefore, chance has no power to create or influence anything. When an atheist says the universe was created “by chance”, they are really saying the universe was created by nothing.

Christian apologists maintain that instead of appealing to “chance” which has no power to create or influence anything, much less the exquisitely designed universe we live in (more>), atheists should identify a legitimate explanatory cause for the universe coming into existence since anything that comes into existence must have a cause for doing so (more>>).F

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Published: June 27, 2013



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