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Some people prefer wearing their boot knives in a concealed manner, i.e., inside their boots. See More Reviews. How To Wear A Boot Knife: The Assembling. Being aware of the type of knife you are using. Short knives tend to slide toward the ground inside the boot and inevitably get lost without your knowledge. It’s not hard to learn how to wear a boot knife but you have to pay some attention to the execution part. But before wearing a boot knife make sure you boot is designed to accommodate a knife. However, it should not be worn inside. Fortunately, there are some great and affordable boot knives available as well. Ideally created for protection, shoe knives and boot knives are constructed to fit in the average calf high boot. This is in particular for coyote hunters. When doing this, it is important to have the blade sheathed. Treat this article as references and make adjustments whenever it’s necessary, it should considerably improve your experience with the boot knife. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to People who always or almost always wear the same pair of boots to go camping can have an integrated pocket sewn into the side of the boots. For hunters, boot knives offer extra protection and are easy to reach. But with the help of the information above you should know how to wear a boot knife safely and comfortably. Another important issue is the blade steel, you want something which can withstand lots of abuse, water, impact force and so on. The toughness of leather means it will not get punctured easily by the boot knife. Besides, make sure the leather around the calf has enough room for you to insert the boot knife inside. Before you purchase a boot knife, you must know how to wear it. One of the most useful tools you can get for bow hunting is a boot knife. Today virtually anyone can carry this handy tool wherever they go. Dennis Taylor - Owner of Outdoor Fact - is a graduate of National Camping School and REI Outdoor School. In other states, you are required to carry the blade concealed. Also, make sure half an inch of the sheath is sticking out of the boot top. Ideally speaking the length must be kept within a range of 2.5 to 5 inches in length. It’s highly advised for you to consider steel toe boots when you attempt to wear a boot knife. With your sheath empty, sew your sheath into position on the side of your boot. The classic way of course is to conceal it inside your boot. Most referred to as boot knives, they can also fit into purses, bags, and glove compartments. At the very least, it would make you quite uncomfortable and complicated the entire knife drawing process. If you choose to wear a boot knife inside cowboy boots, opt for a sheath boot made of leather. Pocket Clip. Insert the tip with a sheath into the boots first just enough so that it does not feel uncomfortable when walking. >> Read more: Buck 110 vs 112: Which One Is The Superior Folding Knife? For hunters, a boot knife is useful when you need to skin your prey. Because of these body traits, you could carry a boot knife wherever you go on a daily basis with little to no trouble. Ideally, go for blades that have sheaths made of leather. Why It’s … This will be the longest part of … Technically speaking, a boot knife fits the descriptions of a concealed weapon, therefore, check the local law and regulation. You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive product on the shelf but settle for dirt cheap stuff either. When you are able to find an ideal position for the knife, proceed to secure the knife sheath using the string. SOG … For longer knives tying them to your calf is more ideal. © 2020 - Outdoor Fact. This applies to hunters as well. That being said, there are many reasons why wearing a boot knife will be beneficial. However, as stated above how you wear a boot knife will depend heavily on the kind of boot you are wearing. Ideally, the boot should have a high ankle. Pay attention to the size along with the material and you should be able to secure a nice pair of boots. Finally, tie the handle to your calf to ensure it does not fall off while you walk. Designed for covert carry, the Tac Boot delivers, featuring a Nylon-Web sheath with a molded scabbard allowing for boot, belt or over-the-shoulder transport. Knowing how to wear a boot knife is really handy but the most important step is actually the preparation process. Should everything is ideal then put them into one of your boots. There are many issues you have to consider in order to make good use of the knife. There are different methods that you can use to mount a knife on your boot and your choice usually depends on whether you use the right hand or left hand. There are a lot of ways to wear a boot knife. How to Wear Boot Knives. In my experience, bird and trout style knives can be worn inside a cowboy boot with ease and so can hickory paring knives. Certain countries and regions consider wearing a boot knife a criminal offense so act carefully. Key Features: Overall Weight: 2.3Ounces. Therefore, before wearing a boot knife familiarize yourself with your state’s law on the matter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Why a Boot Knife? The open design of cowboy boots allows for easy carriage of boot knives. In particular, if you have caught a trout. First, put the knife in its sheath and push the sheath into your boot. Anything longer than 5 inches should be worn on the outside of the boot. In such an incident you can easily access the knife and deal with the threat. You can put it in either boot and on either side of the boot, this is down to your personal preference – I will talk about this later.

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