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Unlockable How to Unlock; Alphabet City: Teleport to each of the six asteroids in alphabetical order: Bolts in the Bank: Use the wrench on the device to the right of the door to open it then head to the next door that'll be the same way as there'll be some crates in that room to bust open for some bolts. Fusion Bomb Grenade Glove. To win reach the Hill of Horrors, activate the bolt crank of pain and arrive safely at the Platform of Salvation - all while Thugs are trying to murder you. One of the Gold Bolts is located right at the beginning at the tower but you can't get to it without the fueling stations being repaired before you can even get to it and the best way to get to it is to get by your ship then use the Jetpack to get there to claim it. nter Destructapalooza tournament on Planet Kragg. Hit the panel to open the door only to find out that they have released Vendra as you'll have to deal with a wave of Thugs and Blade Balls in this area before you can advance further in the ship. 11,000 BOLTS Once that you get it up there and put it in so you can turn the bolt but when you turn the bolt the place will start filling up with water as you'll need to get the hell out of there quick by heading back the way that you came but not without refilling the Jetpack before turning the bolt. Test your fighting skills by surviving a battle around Destructapalooza's prize trap, The Mangler! Eye, Part III In order to fight against the Nether Leader, Mr. Also he'll be bringing back reinforcements with the Nethers and the regenerators so watch out for those guys during the fight in the final round against him. Eye as you'll want to stick to the same strategy before doing the Netherverse Puzzle with Clank. Make your way up via the platforms and don't worry about the two Thugs taht'll be trying to hit you as you want to make it to the top platform where the magnetic floor is to get on it and follow it all the way to the end. As you go about getting them either from the fossils or directy from beating a Gargathon you'll have to deal with mostly Sarathoids but also watch out for this one type of enemy that'll have something on it's back because if it gets too close to you the thing on its back will blow doing damage to you. Once that you have done that you'll have to use the Grav-Boots to hook to the surface to the right by pressing  then  to Grav-Leap. To the right there should be a gate that you can destroy with the turret after defeating the Thugs and if you head that way after you open the way you'll run into a Infobot that has information about a tournament on Kragg known as Destructapalooza and if you win you'll get a Jetpack for your efforts. When they've been defeated take control of the turret as long as the Thug didn't have a chance to use it against you and turn it to the left aim it upwards to the boxes that can only be destroyed by use of the turret as you'll find the last Gold Bolt of this planet. Once that it bypasses you head back out and follow the grav platforms to the next door to open it using the wrench. Best thing to do is defeat some then go after the regenerators to destroy them and one of the best to use is the Fusion Bomb on them to help reduce the number of Serathoids. To earn the the first ten horns head to the left past the jetpack refill station as getting them shouldn't be too hard to get the first ten if not one or two more if you're lucky and when you do head back to the Smuggler to obtain the Hoverboots. The same item that can help make finding the Gargathons/Fossils easier alongside the Gold Bolts, RYNO Plans and the Vault Keys. To get to where Neftin's hideout is you'll need to head right from where you originally came down via the Hoverboot ramps and when you get to the platform where there's a ramp to the right take it. Do you have what it takes to endure a Destructapalooza challenge so long that it would make a Gargathon cry? When you get to the next now you'll have to wait for a platform to come to you but you'll have to jump over each of the lasers as the first two aren't that hard to jump over but the third laser will be moving watch out. For the skill point shouldn't take much practice to get in all areas. Once there make your way to the left but when you do there'll be like cavern flowers that'll be spitting out Sarathoids to attack you as you'll want to destroy them to prevent any more Sarathoids from coming out of it to attack. In this challenge it's a timed challenge as you don't have much time to defeat all the enemies in it. nothing came up. When you get to the next platform it'll be time for a Netherverse Puzzle, the second to last of the game. During the fight you'll want to stay as far away from his as possible and watch out for any long range attacks from the mace balls or even if he's able to get closer to you. In the next room there'll be lasers that you have to try to get past without touching any of them and the best thing to do is to watch them to time it correctly to get past each of them. Upon getting to that platform there'll be another platform to your right that you want to get to but you can get there by gliding using Clank's Helipack when you'll find a little recorder with a recording by Vendrea be sure to listen to it as it plays. Scare at least one of every type of enemy using the Nightmare Box. Keep in mind that you'll need to refill the Jetpack every so often depending how you use it, if you let go for a couple of seconds before using it again it shouldn't be too often to refill but if you stay on it then you'll need to refill more. Mr. If you manage to complete this challenge using only the wrench you'll earn a trophy. When the fight is over it'll be time to head back to your ship. You want to start up a Grav Stream but before you do there's another at the end of the moving platforms that you may want to set up so when you get to the end of them you can hop in it to take it across to where you have to go. When you are able to move head to the left to the wall as you'll be able to know where the rift is as it'll start pulsating purple as you'll need to press Triangle to send Clank through the rift. After the second door is open there'll be more crates that you can smash to gain more bolts for later on in the game as you make your way in there to find them sleeping. The other Gold Bolt just like the other is on something but the other is on a tree that is arched over as you need the Jetpack to get to it as it shouldn't be too long of a flight to get to it from where you have got the one near the ship by firing up the Jetpack heading slightly to the right of the tower. As the Gold Bolts and RYNO Holo Plans I'll do my best in helping finding where they are so you can have the Gold Bolts for the weapons in Challenge Mode and kicking some big booty with the RYNO VII. Head to the Meero Orphanage. Once you fall down where it is, push it so far before changing gravity down then pull or push the moveable object so you can open the rock gate. As for the RYNO Holo Plans go, one of them, you'll need to have both the Hoverboots and the Jetpack to get to it as you'll need to head in the direction where you go the first set of horns until you come to where you see like a rock like tower not far from the Fuel Station on it inbetween a rock clevage. As you advance there'll be at least a few more of the flowers that'll be doing the same along with a few other Sarathoids to deal with and like the previous are know what to do here. The Bigger They Are New Objective When you have defeated them you want to go through where the one that was in the door was as you'll get a chance to refill your weapons that need to get the ammo then make your way further by climbing the area. Simple enough, just purchase all weapons. Beat the game and start in challenge mode then beat it in challenge mode. When the Nethers and the Netherbrute have been taken care off there should be a ramp to the right of where you came from when you entered as you want to hover boot your way over the gap into the next section as there'll be a couple Serathoids to deal with. Once you have done that walk on down to where the Nether is and smack it, and upon doing that you'll have to make your way back to where you started by reversing the way you came to get through this one. I'd tell you the other 5 i found but I can't for the life of me remember where they were. Once you reach the end there'll be some Thugs in the area and if you have enough bolts to get any of the new weapons like the Nightmare Box this would be the perfect time to try it out to scare the crap out of the unexpecting Thugs. When you have done that jump in the stream to head to the next area and grab the tour bot. Scroll down to content. You may want to change gravity to the right then up but glide to the platform on top. Unlock RYNO IV and RYNO 4EVER: Unlockable How to Unlock; RYNO 4Ever: Play challenge mode, upgrade RYNO IV fully, and buy RNYO4Ever from any weapons merchant for 50,000,000 bolts. Upon doing that head on down as you want to try get down there as quickly as you can as this one may take a couple of tries in getting the skill point(s) for this one. Find Vendra and Neftin, New Objective After the third puzzle you want to glide down to the next platform as you'll find Vendra and Neftin. *Open to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada (excluding Quebec). Gold Bolts: 0 - R.Y.N.O. Objective Complete: The best way to get the thirty Gargathon Horns neeed is to take advantage of using the ramps and the Hooverboots to get to each area on ground to find the fossils or fighting the Gargathons themselves but with the Gargathons you'll have to look for any that could be resting in the water like before. **Planet Kalebo III (RYNO VI Protosuit)** . If you post it and then e-mail me about it, I will have to ask you to remove it from the site. Deplanetizer - RYNO HOLOCARD: VII. I'll post the rest here as i find them though. Once across and up to the next platform, a little ways in as there'll be a quake as part of the ground will be lowered in the process. There are 9 Holo-Plans for the RYNO VII hidden throughout the game, though the first one is given to you. Follow the pipe down and be sure that you have a full or near full of the Jetpack to make your way through and once that you get to the end you'll be on a platform that has a refill station that you'll need to refill to make your way any farther. Just don't get mad if you already found the ones i find. After dealing with the two Thugs turn the crank and once you do you'll need to start making your move as the water will start rising. When you have defeated the Voltanoid some platforms will be activated and after they're activated you'll see a Gold Bolt but you'll need the Hoverboots to go over the ramp before you can get it so coming back for it once you get them. After you have dealt with them the game will take over as Neftin will help you get back to your ship so you can meet up with him on Thram. You'll want to move the vertical divider to the right but you want to be in the small area so you can concentrate on trying to do that as best you can. Once again in another traffic lane with oncoming traffic heading your way having to be in the left lane then switch to the right lane until you can veer off to the right to rendevouz with Neftin as this is the last area where you can get anything to refill your ammo and all before fighting Mr. Eye but keep one thing in mind that this isn't going to be all at once as it's going to be multiple part battle as the last two Netherverse Puzzles will be during the battle as you'll be switching between the fight with Mr. Guess i can help you a little as I find them myself. As there's only a few rounds for this as it should be easy to get past this bunch for a second time. From the start of the planet you'll want to head straight as you want to follow the path then make a left then a right and finally glide your way down to the next platform. Now that you have a way into the next section turn the bolt crank to move the train down and once it's fully cranked head back there as you'll be able to head up as you have to get ready to square of against Neftin Prog. Upon arrival in the next area and it'll be like a big circle with filled with mostly Nethers with a few Thugs and some Serathoids. Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus FAQ/Walkthrough, Netherverse Puzzle 2: Patch to the Orphanage, Netherverse Puzzle 3: The Caves to Vendra, Netherverse Puzzle 5: Saving Vendra Part I, Netherverse Puzzle 6: Saving Vendra Part II, Boost Jump [standing] / Stretch Pump [Running], Go to Containment Wing to Secure Vendra Prog, Grav-Leap to the Thug ship circling the Nebulox Seven, * - Becomes available after meeting up with Neftin on Planet Thram, Beat Pest Control with just the Omniwrench, Trade 30 Gargathon Horns to Gain Access to Fuel Station, Defeat the Nether Leader and banish his kind, Collect All 9 Holo Plans + Talk to Plumber on Thram, Upgrade Omniblasters to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Fusion Bomb to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Quantom Repulsor to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Terrorizer to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Prog Blades to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Zurkon Family to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Blizz-o-Matic to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Plasma Striker to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Peacemaker to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Singularity Grenade to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Netherfiend to Level 3 + Beat Game, * - Preorder Bonus [At certain retailers], Defeat the Voltanoid with only the wrench, Use the Grav Tether to transport an enemy over a cliff then deactivate it to let them fall to their doom, Destroy all of the breakable glass windows, Destroy the two statues at the start of the jetpack segment in Weeblesnog City, Get through escaping the sewers without refueling, Defeat Neftin or the Prog Bot without taking any damage, Hoverboot off of every ramp in the Hagrow Swamp, Solution textuellePass under at least 15 of the arches using the jetpack, Destroy all of the glass bulbs hanging from the trees, Complete the Groovitron room in under 45 seconds, Don't get hit by any of the cars in the freeway, Defeat Mr. When he gets down to half health he'll be getting out of the fight for a while and letting the Thugs join in on the fight but they'll be coming by train so watch the track in the center to see where it'll be coming. Weapon Obtained While you have only one minute to take down fifteen targets. Head over to the glass tree near the ledge as you should be able to see a swingshot to help get you up to where the Gold Bolt is to claim it. MESSAGE BOARD / RYNO V HOLO PLANS LOCATIONS. Eye, Part I Planet silox's water works? For this one first thing you want to do is change the gravity to the right as you can slow Clank down if needed as you want to go so far then go in between the hole in the rock to the moveable object. At the last part when the Thugs ship comes at you there'll be a spot to Grav Leap onto. User Info: koza. There are two shortcuts you can use by passing through rings that make this an easy race to win. The first one you need to aim at is at the door in which you entered then aim to the one above where you bashed the switch. Objective Complete Starting off with this one you want to change the gravity up as you want to jump where you need to as you make your way through and over the edge as you want to move where you have to until you get to the end then move right. Crack the Vault As it pertains to this one even though that it's only four rounds but keep in mind that the rounds are long and will put you to the limit in trying to keep whatever ammo that you have in your weapons. For this one you'll only have one minute to pull this one off as you'll get the Winterizer with infinite ammo and freeze all the enemies but it don't stop there they'll need to be destroyed afterwards for it to count. RYNO Holo-Plan Be sure to check all of the balconies as you'll eventually come to the other Gold Bolt located on the planet. Upon getting to the bottom then you want to change it up, jump over the divider then change it down. As soon as the water starts draining wait for it to drain a little before you start gliding down and make sure you follow the trail of bolts to help guide you where you have to go but at the same time watch out for any Thugs that'll come in during that time. This shouldn't be too difficult of a challenge as it's the first one that you'll have to do so watch yourself during it as you'll have to face off against Thugs. Best thing to do is to keep at him while having as much backup as you can as long as you know you need to have it but when you get a third of his health down it'll be time to move from that platform as he destroys it as you need to do what you did on Nebulox Seven to move from one magnetic floor to another. Once that you do and put that one back in it'll be time to go back outside and use the wrench crank to restore gravity inside the ship but without grabbing the Holo piece for the RYNO VII. Boxes in the distance lead to the RYNO card. The Holo Plan is right there. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Crack Thug skulls and earn time to break some more. RYNO IV. Ryno IV. Optional Objectives Collect all the Gold Bolts throughout the game. re: Holo plan Locations quote Mc Fly Well I need to find one more till I get whatever its called, but the just in boxes, I think you just will get them trough luck, there not in any certain place Date Created: September 9, 2015 Once that you claim it head to the connecting bridge to where you can see more Nethers that need to be taken care of as you get down there to deal with them as well as another brute in the process which should be the final Netherbrute to deal with. This topic is locked from further discussion. Fight off the Nether Invasion. Head on straight from the refill station to the platform as there'll be another Gold Bolt there that you can collect. Upon arrival on the planet and make our way down we'll run into the Smuggler who happens to be on the planet as well. Are you sure you're not missing collectalbes from other planets? Similar to the hoverboard race on Rilgar, you need to win the Gold Cup for the one on this planet to get this Holocard. Stay Frosty Get across to the other side on the via the platforms as there'll be more Sarathoids to deal with upon getting there unless you deal with them before you get over to the other side. New Objective After you have done that it'll be time to enter the bronze cup and win it to get the jetpack but without going through four separate challenges with their own rewards. Killshot New Objective Also you'll have to watch out due to the platforms lowering into the lava for a while before coming back up and around that time is when some Thugs will come into the fight to help slow you down during the fight against the ugliest mother that you'll see. ... Deplanetizer RYNO VII. Once you get there cancel that one out then start it up but at the one on that platform first then aim at the one on the cliff to the left of where you came. When there have to deal with Thugs and Blade Balls upon getting there but when they're defeated more Thugs will come in to deal with. Upon getting rid of them don't go straight off to the ground level below head to the left then glide on down to the balcony of the building. RYNO V: In the factory, you will find a round gate next to a gun, with which you can destroy the target. As you do there'll be some asteroids that you'll have to watch out for but before you can get back inside the ship there's some thrusters that need to be taken out but the only way for that to happen is Cronk will shut each one down as you get to them. and even if someone has beat it its not positive theyll know. After the opening cutscene you'll have the objective of finding Cronk and Zephyr. Watch out for the claw attack that he'll do by either placing on the platform and move it from one side to the other, even take it and pound it constantly trying to hit you or pound in the ground to send a shockwave towards you. Once that they're dealth with grab the tour bot and head to the door on the other side of where you came in using the tour bot to open the door. Alternately if you have the Jetpack fueling stations fixed by the time that you get to that section before turning the second crank you can just use the Jetpack to get there much easier. Upon that you'll have to make your way past another thug before you can make your way to the door that'll lead to the final area before you can check up on Cronk and Zephyr. When the door lowers head on in and at the end there'll be more Grav Targets as this one you have to carefully put the streams so you can get to where you have to get to next. One you do that turn the camera around as you'll find the way that you'll need to head to next and when you do find where you'll see a stopped fan to go through those to make your way through to where you have to go. The sooner you can destroy the regenerators the better off you'll be able to get this challenge out of the way. When you get it far away from it change gravity to the left so you can repeat the process of covering up a laser to not get damaged and jump over the object. Jump over the Nether crystal then change gravity to the right for a second then change it up and move to left then over the divider then to the end as you want to let Clank drop with the current gravity situation. Objective Completed When there you'll want to make it near the vendor and to the left as you'll see some crates that you can destroy for some bolts but go farther and around the corner as you'll find the first of two RYNO Holo Plans that's on this planet. 6,000 BOLTS Quickly grab it then take the ramp to the left to get back there and throw it in which will bring a path alongside a ramp that needs to be brought up so you'll need take the path until you come to another crank but watch out for the explosive enemies as there'll be a few of them that'll appear to try to make it difficult for you before you turn the bolt crank. Plus please don't try anything stupid with this guide because if any author finds out about someone doing something with their work it is considered "copyright infringement" and is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. Best thing to do is to stop at each one until you get inside another tower as you deal with some Nethers along with one of the brutes. Rewards By the time you get in that one it'll take you to the platform that you need to get to then to glide down to take on a couple to few waves of Thugs as Clank will try to hack the control station. Zero Hour Blitz Escape the Nebulox Debris Field. The Thugs have reconstructed the Progbot for their training exercises. Once you get back crank the wrench crank to move the one then hit the Grav Targets to get across but you'll need to drop around half way or so on the platform then jump back in the stream to avoid getting fired at. This one can be a tough one if you're not used to defeating enemies with the wrench as you'll need to deal with Thugs, Blade Balls and Sarathoids. Objective Completed (Possible Non-Plot Related Spoilers) Answered: Where is the ship on planet Yerek? Ratchet & Clank All Collectibles Gold Bolts, Ryno Plans Locations Guide (Gold Rush Trophy) 11/18/13. Other than that it's just like the last challenge like before. At the end you'll need to lower the next part and to do so use the Omniblaster to shoot at the panels to lower it down to continue onwards. Now if you time it right when it gets there place it in there and the divider will move. Upon getting near the end you'll have to change gravity to the right avoiding more balls then near the end of that you'll have to get ready to change it down and finally have to change it to the right when you see the chance to do that to get to the next part of the puzzle with the box. The Thugs have searched three systems for the meanest, ugliest Gargathon out there. Behind it is the next RYNO card. If you decide to go straight you'll need to use the Hover Boots to get across a gap but before you go over the gap the tower that's to the right get up to it as there'll be another RYNO Holo Plan to obtain. When you get to it you'll need to turn the crank but you'll have forty-five seconds [45 seconds] to obtain the Battery Bot and put it in the socket. Trade 10 Gargathon Horns for Hoverboots. 1 GOLD BOLT In the next room there'll be a wave of Thugs to deal with in the room, dispose of them quickly. As the Gold Bolts and RYNO Holo Plans I'll do my best in helping finding where they are so you can have the Gold Bolts for the weapons in Challenge Mode and kicking some big booty with the RYNO VII. You want to watch out for the Thugs that'll throw grenades at you as you want to make sure you can time their attacks to avoid them to take them down. RYNO VII V3: RYNO VII. As you get to the end of each grav leap platform there'll be at least two or three thugs, maybe more to deal with as you can ignore them to get to the next platform. Collect all the keys that are scattered around on the planet. Make your way through the opening then up each of the platforms to the top and when there you'll find another RYNO Holo Plan that you'll need when you talk to the Plumber later on in the game. They will eventually write walkthroughs and hints on websites. Once it's down make your way through it as there'll be another quake as a couple rocks will come down that'll allow you to make it across but once again another Nether to deal with when you do whether you do it from afar or after you get over there. Now head on down but watch out for the spiked balls on the way down and when you can get to the bottom but before you can touch ground want to change the gravity to the left, then down after you get so far, right so far, and down again. Turn it to where you're facing where you came in if it's not already facing in that direction. After that you want to head down a conveyor belt and at the end is another audio file to listen to as you have made your way into the orphanage as you veer around the corner then take a right through the door. Version: 3.0. Now if you're wondering where the Battery Bot is you'll need to go to the right of where you were facing upon heading to where those two Thugs were as there'll be another Thug there to deal with before grabbing the Battery Bot to head up to place it in to crank the bolt. As it's pretty much the same as before but this time is when you'll be getting the Nethers coming in to help out with him to help attack you while you are trying to attack him but you'll have to watch out as there'll be regenerators there that you'll need to destroy so the Nethers will quit coming out to attack. The secret RYNO is the best weapon in the game. Trade 40 Gargathon Horns for Vault Key Get onto the nearest grav leap platform to make your way back inside. User Info: koza. 5 Raritanium. Make your way through but watching out for any thugs along the way. Gargathon Hunter With this one is close to To The Skies challenge but instead of twelve rings to go through you'll need to take down twelve Thugs and the best way to do that you want to use a weapon like the Omniblster/Dual Omniblasters to get through it. Boxes in the distance lead to the RYNO card. Time Frame: … Acquisition. Where are the holo-plans for the RYNO V located throughout the game., Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Questions and answers, PlayStation 3 When you head down you'll need to change gravity right for a little bit then change it down as you'll want to glide the rest of the way before changing it to the left but not too much then up. Answer: Nickname: If you head out to head back to where the pipes connect then make a left and if you make it so far you should be another area where you can get another pipe as there'll be about a wave or two of Thugs to deal with around the Battery Bot as one will try being in turret. I can't tell, sheild is an armour vender, a gun is the weapon and ammo vendor also there are two for Cronk and Zaphier and of course a bolt sign is for golden bolts but I can't tell what is the symbol for a peice of the gadgetron holo plan. When you have turned the bolt crank that'll bring the ramp up with some platforms to go to upon leaving the ramp to get up to where you'll need to meet up with Neftin. With this one you'll have to go against a Gargathon but unlike any fights that you done you'll have three platforms that you can stand on to do any firing from. New Objective Use the Nightmare Box to scare at least one type of weapon regardlesss of the level of the weapon. Make your way through as you'll want to make a right then you'll be wanting to make a couple lefts after that until you get to the end of the second time making a left as you'll then want to make a right at the end but can make a left to smash up a few crates for some bolts if you need them. 7:00. Gold Bolts: 2 - R.Y.N.O. After you done that head back to the area where you started this section in but instead of heading straight across take a right to where you went in the first place upon getting there across the first gap where the Serathoids were as there was a path that went to the left of where they were. Trade 30 Gargathon Horns to Gain Access to Fuel Station Make your way to the Relay Station. This may take a couple to few tries if needed but keep an eye out which fan you'll need to get through on the way back as there'll be a refill station to use if you need it to refill before making your way through a pipe. Going against the Voltanoid shouldn't be too hard but have to fire when it attempts to make an attack to fire at it and recommend using the Omniblaster or the Fusion Grenade during the fight. Head on through dealing with the two Nethers that's in front of you then you have to use the Jetpack to get across to where the control station was that you hacked before you gained access to the pipes. Explore the Meero Ruins. VII Holo Part: 1 - Weapons Available to Purchase: Temporal Repulsor [10,000 BOLTS]; Nightmare Box [15.000 BOLTS]. Although if you want to dispose of them to help get your Nanotech or your weapons further upgraded you can do that as well.

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