God has planted a desire in my heart to share the evidence that convinced me God really does exist and Christianity is not a blind, senseless faith.


Andrina Hanson, Attorney and Executor Director of Facts & Faith

Andrina received a Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School in 1986 after serving as the Chief Justice of the Scott Moot Court and receiving an American Jurisprudence Award of Excellence. That same year Andrina joined a civil litigation law firm in Southern California where she worked as an attorney for over 20 years.  For the last several years, in addition to developing the FactsandFaith.com website, Andrina has focused her legal career on advocating for the rights and safety of elderly and disabled people neglected by caregivers in nursing homes, senior living centers, retirement homes and group homes.

Andrina grew up in a Christian home and considered herself firmly grounded in the Christian faith.  However, when she walked onto the campus of a secular university, Andrina soon realized she was ill-equipped to respond to many of the intellectual challenges made to the Christian faith by students and professors who were dismissive of, or hostile to, Christianity. Unaware there were well-reasoned and persuasive responses to the intellectual challenges made to the existence of God and Christianity, Andrina began having serious doubts about the truth claims of Christianity.  Those doubts grew deeper and by the time she graduated from college, she had essentially disengaged from her faith and focused her life on pursuing a career as a lawyer.

Several years later, a co-worker in her law firm asked Andrina the following question: “Don’t you think the most important question a person can answer for themself is whether or not God exists?”  Andrina initially disregarded the question having already decided God probably did not exist and the Christian faith was only for weak-minded individuals. However, no matter how hard she tried to ignore the question, the question kept revisiting her thoughts and she finally decided to put in as much effort deciding that issue as she was accustom to researching and arguing her client’s legal cases.

As Andrina dug deeper into the intellectual issues, she came to appreciate that unlike other world religions, the claims of Christianity can withstand even the most rigorous intellectual challenge.  Not only did she learn there were well-reasoned responses to the intellectual challenges made to God’s existence and the Christian faith but there were many questions atheists and skeptics could not answer. Andrina soon realized atheists and skeptics, who often criticize people for exercising faith, must exercise a great deal of faith in coming to their own beliefs.  Andrina’s research over a seven year period convinced her that facts established by modern-day scientists as well as lines of argument developed by Christian apologists over the last 2,000 years not only provide a reasonable basis for believing in God and the truth claims of Christianity but demonstrate the Christian faith to uniquely provide answers which are satisfying to both the heart and the mind.

Christians have nothing to fear from vigorous investigation of the truth.

Recent polls reveal that 70-90 percent of churched Christian young people disengage from their faith by their second year of college. One of the reasons they give for disengaging from their faith is they don’t know anyone who can persuasively respond to intellectual questions about God and Christianity.  One of the primary goals of FactsandFaith.com is to provide Christian young people and their parents easy access to summaries of the evidence and lines of argumentation that have convinced many well-educated and skeptical minds that there are good reasons to believe Christianity is true and no good reason to believe it is false.

Andrina developed the FactsandFaith.com website with three main objectives —

to strengthen the faith of Believers

to assist Believers in defending their faith,

to persuasively respond to questions raised by sincere skeptics

With these goals in mind, Andrina is dedicated to using the FactsandFaith.com website to fairly address issues raised by skeptics and demonstrate that belief in the God of the Bible and in the truth claims of Christianity is not only rationally supported by scientific, philosophic and historical evidence but is the only belief that offers men ultimate meaning and hope. 

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