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Hence, the null hypothesis is accepted and, therefore, there Caffeine: Caffeine mimics some of the effects of adrenaline and noradrenaline in the heart. Make sure that you are counting the heart beats, and not the flapping of the gills or movements of the gut. Daphnia magna is a widespread freshwater zooplankton. They are transparent in physical appearance therefore they are good for experiments since their hearts and gills are easily located using a microscope. Introduction Daphnia magna are an established model in ecology for the investigation of toxins in freshwater systems, as well as an emerging model in medical science. Introduction It will be directly proportional to each other, meaning that the increase of the concentration of the caffeine will give an increase of the heartbeat. An additional, larger dish outside the small one could also be filled with water at the appropriate temperature to help reduce heat loss from the experimental chamber. A change in Daphnia heart rate may not be a predictor of a similar change in human (or vertebrate) heart rate under the same conditions, but the procedure provides an interesting technique for investigating the effects of different chemicals on a metabolic process. Furthermore, we noticed that 10 mM nicotine increased the heart rate whereas the 1 mM nicotine decreased it. Daphnia magna used in the experiment were selected from the laboratory stock culture, maintained at 24± 10C in 2 l glass beaker and were fed on green alga scendesmus substpicatus. Methods. 3 Ethanol (IDA) Hazcard 40A is highly flammable and harmful because of the presence of methanol. Daphnia is a crustacean in the phylum Arthropoda. Daphnia magna is mainly recognized as a freshwater cladoceran, but there are some strains that grow in brackish waters. Twenty-four hours prior to the test adult daphnia were stored and the young one (neonates) produced from these adults were used in experiment. There will … Despite this, aspirin has beneficial effects in the heart. In another experiment, adrenaline was also found to slow the heart rate of Daphnia magna … Turning the lamp on only when observing the Daphnia will help, and LED microscopes produce less heat than those with incandescent lamps. This occurs during exercise or fear. Above 40 °C and 50 °C, the relation between the two rates will not hold because of the deleterious effects of extreme temperature. Stock purchased from aquarists is usually free from this hazard. Once diluted to 10% and 1%, this is low hazard for the students using the liquid. The body of Daphnia is usually 1–5 millimetres (0.04–0.20 in) long, and is divided into segments, although this division is not visible. This video is a step-by-step guide to properly observing daphnia heart rates in different temperatures and with different chemicals. Warming the water to about 15 °C also ensures rapid growth of the colony. Students can readily follow this procedure working in pairs. Many variations of this experiment are possible. When an ectothermic animal is cold, its heart rate will lower. Lab report of Daphnia magna heart rate . The Daphnia magna is a widely used model organism for studying the effects of pharmaceutical agents, especially those present in aquatic ecosystems. The control heart rate was determined by counting the Daphnia heart beat manually for 30 seconds (timed using a stopwatch) and multiplying the number by 2 This will gradually heat the water in the dish, and the cardiac frequency can be estimated at 5 °C or 10 °C intervals. One option is to record a live video of a sample Daphnia, during a time period in which students count the heart beats. d Place the Petri dish on the stage of a microscope and observe the animal under low power. If your time or access to chemicals is limited, you could allow the students to work through the procedure in order to evaluate it and then use the example results provided for analysis. This week our biology 1 classes are measuring the heart rate in an organism called Daphnia. 277981, Incorporated by Royal Charter, Investigating factors affecting the heart rate of Daphnia, Observing the effects of exercise on the human body. Caffeine is harmful if swallowed (!). Thus, when adrenaline activates the beta-1 adrenoceptor in the sinoatrial node, this leads to an increase in cAMP in the sinoatrial node and the result is an increase in heart rate. As I began to examine it, I noticed a small, round, ball-like object. I slipped it under the microscope. This report presents the physiological changes in the heart rate of a fresh water crustacean Daphnia magna when exposed to caffeine and alcohol. 100 Daphnia magna 1 Daphnia culture kit (1 per class of 30, less if you start breeding earlier) 100-200 mL plastic containers with screw cap ... Have students brainstorm factors affecting heart rate. 5 Heating due to the microscope lamp: When working with organisms under a microscope, the effects of heating due to the microscope lamp itself can be significant. When a ten percent solution was added the heart stopped. By reducing the ability of platelets to adhere to damaged blood vessel walls, aspirin reduces the chance of coronary artery thrombosis, the event that precipitates a heart attack. Key among them includes caffeine, alcohol, acetylcholine, epinephrine and temperature. c Immediately add pond water to the Petri dish until the animal is just covered by the water. View Daphnia Anatomy. Ethanol: Ethanol slows heart rate. BY124L MW 8:30-11:30 Daphnia heart rate shows the experimental group of Daphnia that was introduced to MSG had an increase in heart rate, which was 16.76% (Fig 1). Joseph Ezra Gallo Noradrenaline and adrenaline: In contrast, heart rate is increased by the sympathetic nervous system (neurotransmitter: noradrenaline) and the hormone adrenaline circulating in the blood via activation of cell surface receptors in the sinoatrial node - pacemaker) (called beta-1 adrenoceptors). This supports ethical approaches that are appropriate to field work where pond animals are returned to their habitat after observations have been made. Caffeine The experiment was conducted by inducing the species Daphnia magna to both caffeine and ethanol, while being compared to a controlled group. This is the ratio of the rate of activity at one temperature to its rate at a temperature 10 degrees higher. Alternatively, you can collect adult Daphnia by pond dipping; in this case you must observe strict hygiene procedures, since pollutants and the bacteria causing Weil’s disease may contaminate pond water. A collection of experiments that demonstrate biological Daphnia magna is a small planktonic crustacean (adult length 1.5–5.0 mm) that belongs to the subclass Phyllopoda. Daphnia’s transparent body and large heart make it ideal for physiological studies. With Daphnia cultured in the laboratory, fed on yeast, Liquifry No.1, Spirulina or egg-yolk medium, there are no significant hazards associated with this procedure. Relating to this lab experiment we learned in class that the normal heart rate is measured anywhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute (BPM). I had just put one urea-exposed Daphnia on a slide. A good supply of oxygen is necessary, either by aeration or by using a large shallow tank to ensure that a large surface area of water is exposed to the air. In this introductory physiology lab, students determine the heart rate of Daphnia magna and then test the effect of changing temperature on the heart rate. Daphnia magna has been used to study drugs with cardiac action such as acetylcho-line, tetraethylpyrophosphate, pilocarpine, adrena-line and rotenone. Which is highly sensitive to toxic substances, has short generation time, multiplies very rapidly, easily acclimatizes in laboratory condition, cultured in a small space and can be measured in a relatively short period (APHA, 1998 and GSM, 1989). Daphnia are filter feeders that direct small suspended particles into their mouth by a water current produced by their leaf-like legs (Figure 1). Aspirin: Aspirin has no effect on heart rate. Comparing the means of the heart rate at 50% and 75% concentrations, the pvalue is 0.4814, - which is greater than alpha of 0.05. If our hypothesis is supported, then the Daphnia magna will have a faster heart rate when placed in the nicotine solution; however, if our hypothesis is inaccurate, then caffeine will result in a faster heart rate when Abstract. In most species, the rest of the body is covered by a carapace, with a ventral gap in which the five or six pairs of legs lie. 1. The Daphnia Magna range from two to five millimeters in length and are shaped like a kidney bean (Elenbaas, Molly). Water fleas are ectothermic and poikilothermic. They have an optimal temperature range, outside which they are unable to perform physiological processes effectively (Lamkemeyer et al. The University of Girona, through private Contract CCB2016 was allowed to extract the individuals at the WWT Plant. They will use the crustacean Daphnia as an animal model to see the changes in heart rate first-hand. Then you replay the video in slow motion and count the heart beats again. a Take a small piece of cotton wool, tease it out and place it in the middle of a small Petri dish. I had the microscope on the lowest magnification so that I could see all of the Daphnia. Campbell et. If the environment is warm the animal will be warm. Mix well. Used by students at a concentration of 1 g in 1000 cm3 of water it is low hazard. Different Daphnia magnas were placed in a depression slide containing fresh water and later exposed to solutions of caffeine and alcohol. During the experiment, water was compared to the milkweed and the heart rate changes were observed under microscope looking at different magnifications. They are tolerant of being observed live under a cover slip and appear to suffer no harm when returned to open water. Daphnia magna Culture (142330) Concavity Slides (632250) dropping pipet . Ectothermic animals are animals whose body temperature is affected by their surroundings. 1. The beating heart is located on the dorsal side just above the gut and in front of the brood pouch (see diagram). A slowed heart rate and the associated fall in the rate of ejection of blood from the heart is sufficient to maintain body function during rest, and conserves energy in the heart under conditions where its supply (and the supply of oxygen in the blood) are diminished. This occurs after feeding, during sleep, and during breath-holding and swimming underwater. I had just put one urea-exposed Daphnia on a slide. Daphnia’s transparent body and large heart make it ideal for physiological studies. Hence, these animals are ideal to study the effects of temperature. Being an ectothermic animal, the Daphnia’s body temperature is dependent on water temperature. Within a range of 10 °C above and below ‘normal’ environmental temperatures, the rate of a metabolic process is expected to double for every 10 °C rise in temperature. In this introductory physiology lab, students determine the heart rate of Daphnia magna and then test the effect of changing temperature on the heart rate. A Paired t-Test was conducted to compare the effect of MSG on Daphnia heart rate, tested before and To learn to identify stimulants and depressants by their effect on the heart rate of Daphnia. In terms of heart rate, the Daphnia sinoatrial node is actually a collection of spontaneously active nerves in a body called the cardiac ganglion. The slide was placed in a light microscope to be observed under 40x magnification. Introduction Daphnia magna are an established model in ecology for the investigation of toxins in freshwater systems, as well as an emerging model in medical science. Daphnia magna heart rate than caffeine because it binds to the adrenergic receptors, thus stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Materials: Culture of Daphnia magna Daphnia netting (cut into small squares) Microscope depression slide Pipettes iPad: Counter app and calculator Solutions of: 1.

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