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The answer for many law firms is: both. Pricing and relationships with clients are at the forefront, as law firms jostle for market position and dwindling revenue. Your law firm can create a Google AdWords campaign and begin advertising for certain keywords in certain areas. What are the strategic and definable goals of your plan? This month’s content: Blogs and other content published this month. For a more specific, meaningful, and ultimately rewarding business plan, consider these three points: Blogs are easy to write and publish and instantly available to the world on the Internet. Google Docs; MS Word; Pages; Size: A4, US. It takes endurance and commitment. PPC–like all marketing–is not set-it-and-forget-it. For instance, if you write a great article about tenant’s rights in Massachusetts, that article may show up in a relevant google search and found by thousands of potential clients. The challenge posed by SEO optimization is completely different to the day-to-day problems that law professionals deal with, so it requires an entirely different mindset. In this article we’ll cover how to best write, and execute on a killer marketing plan. All Rights Reserved. Data from the Legal Trends Report. of the law firm business model, how law firm leaders respond to business challenges, and the current state of law firm strategic planning and how that landscape is perceived to be changing. Can You Get a Business Loan With Bad Credit? But fear not, a marketing plan is not difficult to develop. Who will do this? Plus, a strategic plan can be simple. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Again, a video with content that is helpful to your audience will do wonders for credibility and lead generation, and substance is far more important than production or polish. Tied firm level plans to practice group level plans C. Tracked/reported on performance against goals, objectives or other milestones D. Linked implementation success/responsibility to partner compensation E. Engaged a consultant to assist with aspects of … So, using our previous example, you may be able to create a AdWords ad, or paid search result, to show up when someone performs a Google search for “bankruptcy lawyer Illinois.” Each click could cost you between $3 to $300, depending on the practice area and location. As always: Write about what you know. Firm Size Matters for Law Firm Strategic Planning. ... For example, the current average cost-per-click (CPC) for the law industry on Facebook is $1.32. Strategic Planning for Law Firms features real-life case studies from a range of firms varying from mid-sized practices to large boutique and global firms, including Clarke Hill, Bryan Cave and Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox. It contains more than 150 questions divided into several sections. LinkedIn is significantly more expensive, at $6.50. This is the part where client-specific … From the moment you begin executing on an SEO campaign it can take 6 months before you start seeing results. Start with regular blogs. Write your business plan with the #1 online business planning tool. Law Firm Marketing Plan Example. In some cases this will involve the approval of a strategic plan. Our strategic plan template includes everything you need to define your law firm’s strategic plan, ranging from the long-term, big picture elements to the quarterly and day-to-day components. Law Firm Login; Internal Client Portal Login; Xakia Blog. People who know, like, and trust you are likely to refer their friends or colleagues your way when there is a need for the services you provide. Email Marketing is pretty broad, and can include doing things like sending newsletters and stuff. Among firms of every size we concluded based on our findings that 70.4% of all firms invest on average at least three months in the development of a formal written strategic plan. Once you’ve identified the components of your plan, the What’s, it’s time to determine how often and exactly how you’ll go about each one. We spoke with principal consultant Dr Grant Robertson, UGM Consulting to get his advice on creating a strategic plan. For instance, if you practice bankruptcy law in Illinois, you want your firm to show up when someone does a google search for “bankruptcy lawyer Illinois”. By making sure all the key stakeholders at your firm feel a sense of urgency and accountability towards creating a law firm strategic plan, you are more likely to arrive at a well-thought out plan within your desired timeframe. The size of your law firm doesn’t matter, nor what kind of legal services you provide. (After all, nobody knows your practice area as well as you!). Sue-Ella Prodonovich , principal of Prodonovich Advisory, says firms should be prepared to review their strategic plan every three months in a fast-changing environment. What to write about? How is the execution: How exactly you’ll execute on your law firm marketing plan on a regular basis. Law Firm Marketing Plan Template. Details. Strategic Planning For Law Firms By Steven Treharne of Mogers The first hurdle to overcome is to accept that lawyers sometimes find it difficult to deal with ... For example, what happens if the economy is dire for the next 5 years with no growth; what happens if the new entrants flood the market place with cheap ... as a reality check against what can be achieved. (The process of which advertisers show up in which order is beyond the scope of this article, but in short, with each search a split-second auction occurs.). The act of SEO is an ongoing process. Responsible for preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the … The “downside,” if you can call it that, of PPC advertising is that it costs money, every click. The narrative template is the body of the business plan. Google search ads intentionally look like an organic, or non-paid result. Take clients / colleagues to lunch or dinner, Is easy to navigate and find the resources a visitor is looking for, Is mobile-friendly and looks great on any device, Makes it easy to get in touch with you firm (by phone or via a contact form), Includes “social proof”: testimonials or case studies from your clients, Is personal: Avoids stock images of courthouses and gavels, and includes pictures of your team and your office, Has definitive pages for each lawyer and practice area in your firm, Is search-engine-optimized: Getting found starts with a website that is configured to be found by Google, Building and engaging with a social media audience, Staying top-of-mind with referrals via email newsletters and social sharing of content, On-site optimization – making sure every page and post on your website is optimized to be found and ranked by Google, and, Link-building: Generating quality links from other sites to your site (including directories). Entrepreneur Quiz: Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed? In your law firm strategy, decide which KPIs are best to track for your firm. We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create graphs for your own business plan. Bplans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. You’ll update, amend and change it over time. To be able to offer each year some legal services at a subsidized rate. This is necessary to make sure that the team is working toward the same goal. And it may very well make sense to add to it. Social marketing may also have a place in your law firm marketing plan. Therefore, their needs and your tasks will vary in many ways. Dark Green (DG): “Excellent” – Exceeded your goal by a healthy margin, Light Green (LG): “Good” – your goal, or ideal number of new leads, Yellow (Y): “Warning” – short of your goal, attention required, Red (R): “Critical” – far short of your goal, serious attention required. download a piece of content, fill out a contact form, ask for more information). A blog on your website will serve as the bedrock of your content marketing strategy. Law Firm Strategic Planning in a One Day Planning Retreat. Executive summary . This year we have decided that we want to dedicate the entire time to developing a strategic plan for the firm. Creating a strategic plan for your law firm will see you better placed to manage the ups and downs of business life and volatile economic times. A colleague may have a case to refer your way, but if you are not in touch every so often, you might slip their mind. You may ask: What format is best for my content? Law Firm Internet MarketingCall Now: 800-863-7603. Law firms are asking some big questions as they plan for 2014. Some prospects are time-wasters or tire-kickers. So, setting a regular rhythm to reaching out to colleagues, going to dinners, etc. We also recommend supplementing this outsourced blogwriting with your own blogs, written by you. To create a law firm whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations. Details. You can fill in the blanks, using this article as a legend–or write your own borrowing the most applicable pieces for your law firm. Conversion rates vary wildly between firms and practice areas. These templates will act as guides for evaluating the business, identifying the development and growth opportunities and devising the strategic plan. Corporate clients keep more legal matters in house. When it comes to SEO vs. PPC: Which should be included in your law firm marketing plan? Download. It will take some critical thinking and just a little bit of your time. Details. You want to, starting right now, begin building a database of email addresses. Thank you for writing this. For many law firms, the place for social in their marketing plan is for distribution. We have a variety of templates available for free. Ideally: your web hosting platform will have this built in. Often potential clients read your blogs and your whitepapers before they call you (or before they realize that they should call you), and great content does wonders for credibility. Below is a sample of stoplight metrics from a law firm marketing plan. Former clients or potential clients may still refer business your way, where email marketing serves to stay top-of-mind with them. A good law firm marketing agency can help you set proper benchmarks. By and large, Social Marketing can be thought of as an “enhancer” to the other components of your overarching law firm marketing plan. A law firm is wise to start slow, publicize success and grow from there. What Factors Should You Consider When Comparing Franchise Opportunities? We recommend creating a simple monthly newsletter for your law firm. Securing Your Practice’s Future: Why Law Firm Strategic Planning Matters for Small Law Firms. Law Department Strategic Planning Example. Will you outsource some or all of it? Web site designers and SEO companies are a dime a dozen… and all of them have probably got a law firm or two in their client list. The Key … How many would be “not good enough”? Importantly, you don’t need to fear that it will be a crazy-long, time-intensive process like building a business plan.

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