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Dr. Richard Lumsden (1938-1997) was a professor  of parasitology and cell biology at Tulane University in Louisiana where he also served as the dean of the graduate school of biological sciences.  After years of being a self-proclaimed atheist and professor of evolutionary theory, Lumsden began doubting his long-held evolutionary worldview

In his testimony, Lumsden tells how he eventually came to believe in a Creator and follower of Jesus Christ.

Richard Lumsden, Ph.D.
(1938 – 1997)

During his illustrious career, Lumsden published about 90 peer-reviewed papers and was awarded the Henry Baldwin Ward medal (the highest world-recognized award for parasitology).  He also received over 21 research grants and contracts from many well-known organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

In the YouTube video below, Lumsden (a self-proclaimed evolutionist and Christian ridiculer) relates that after giving a lecture at Tulane University on the theory of evolution, one of his best students began asking him questions about evolution which he later realized had caused him to doubt his long-held evolutionary worldview.  The doubts set Lumsden out on a search for truth.  In his video testimony, Lumsden tells how he came to believe in a Creator and eventually walked up the isle of a church to accept Jesus Christ as his savior.


As stated in his video testimony, Dr. Lumsden says he was a staunch Darwinian evolutionist who took great pleasure in ridiculing Christian beliefs during his university classroom lectures.  After the Louisiana legislature passed a law requiring pre-college teachers to give creation equal time with evolution in the classroom, Lumsden became so outraged that he prepared and delivered a lecture at Tulane University in support of Darwinian evolution.  After the lecture, one of Dr. Lumsden’s top students asked to meet with him so she could “get some of her facts straight.”  During the meeting, without being judgmental or argumentative, the student (who was a Christian) began asking Dr. Lumsden a series of questions about evolution.  Three hours later when the student thanked him and  walked out of his office, Lumsden realized the student’s questions had left him with a lot of doubt in his mind about the theory of evolution, a theory he had wholeheartedly embraced for many years.

After thinking about things in more depth and conducting some additional research, Lumsden finally came to the conclusion that that the theory of evolution was a “bankrupt theory.” He began contemplating the idea of a Creator, but didn’t know who that Creator might be.  Shortly thereafter, a family member invited Lumsden to go to a church service, which he agreed to attend out of obligation.  At the end of the service the pastor gave an altar call and the following is Dr. Lumsden’s description of what happened:

With flesh protesting every inch of the way, I found myself walking forward, down to the altar. And there, found God! Truly, at that moment, I came to know him, and received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

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